I have a bit of news for you: We are selling Discount Catholic Products. And we are so excited for what is coming next for you!

Over the last year we have been on a quest to find the PERFECT people to take over DCP. 

We love this work. We love finding interesting new products that would touch our customers’ souls and make them think from different directions. We loved the back-and-forth we would get about a particular email or prayer that gave someone pause or brought up an old memory.

However, my long-time employee and bestest friend in the world is unable to keep working with us, and after some soul-searching I discovered I really don’t want to work in this business without her. 

So it was time to ensure that whatever happened next, our customers were in good hands.

And I believe we have found the perfect couple to take the helm. Over the next week or so you will start hearing from Michael and Catie Simpson, and I am so excited for them! They have the time, energy and ideas to really fullfill on a fresh vision.

I can’t wait for you to meet them! They are creative and kind-hearted and fun to be around.  They have a beautiful faith-filled family that you are going to start hearing from very soon.

On your end there will be no disruption in orders being fullfilled and everthing is up and running. We’ve been working together on this since March to make sure the transition is as seamless as possible.

You have been such a blessing in my life, and for that I will be eternally grateful. 

Love to all,

$1 Prayer Card

Planting Seeds

Let the seeds planted in 
faith blossom into
beautiful evidence of His 
love. May you trust the 
process through every
season even when the
growth is still buried.
And when tomorrow’s
harvest comes, may it
radiate joy, love, and
goodness as proof the
work was worth the wait.

$29.99 $23.99

Crafted in Italy, this 3″ x 3″ crystal box can be used for a treasured rosary or other small cherished items.

Filippino Lippi’s painting of the Madonna is depicted beautifully in sterling silver.

Limited Item! Once these are gone, they’re all gone!

Starting at $1,692 for the complete set (with free shipping)

Enjoy this nativity scene for years to come! Made in the USA and composed of vinyl specifically designed to be outdoor statuary (but will workin doors too). Each piece is hand-painted. Select a whole set or just the pieces you need. 4 colors to choose from: White, Bronze, Granite or Full Color

Full Set consists of:
Joseph – 24″ high
Mary – 24″ high
Baby – 10.5″ long
Donkey – 14″ high
Oxen – 15″ high
Shepherd – 23″ high
Sheep – 9″, 11″, 13″ high
Shepherdess  – 31.5″ high
Balthazar – 36″ high
Gasper – 23″ high
Melchior – 24″ high
Angel – 26″ high
Camel – 21″ high

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“Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for yourselves. For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.” (Matthew 11:28-30)

This hymn has been echoing through my brain since Mass on Sunday. Father’s homily was about rest and I was nodding along – agreeing with everything he was saying. I wanted my girls to take the sermon to heart to. 

But then I looked back at what I did with my previous week – and previous month – and I was NOT doing what Father was talking about. I was not resting, and I was certainly not leaning on Jesus.

It’s a position I find myself in quite often: Listen to the homily, love the content of the homily, and then live my life differently. 

But this week the words in Martthew’s gospel are ringing in my ears. “I will give you rest.”

I haven’t even reached for rest (except to sleep at night). My prayers have been asking for help getting things done, but never for peaceful, restorative rest. 

And the last line: “…my yoke is easy, and my burden light.” How much “extra” do we pile on when simply surrendering and following the path God has for us would be so much easier and lighter?

This week I pray for rest, and that in that rest we find the space to calm down, heal, forgive, ask for forgiveness, and grow closer to God.

Love to all,

$80 – Ships Free

We were on vacation in Kansas City last week and drove past the Our Lady of Perpetual Help church as we were driving to the cathdrals to check it out for Mass for the following day. But Our Lady of Perpetual Help  was so beautiful we decided to attend mass there instead. 

The inside was breathtaking! And they had a classical guitarist lead the music ministry. So glad we stopped – and literally smelled the roses in their garden!

So in honor of our trip to Kansas City and the hospitality at Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish  I wanted to include one of my favorite Perpetual Help items in today’s email 😉


This is a book about hope in the midst of a polarized culture.
Camosy begins with a hopeful starting point in the midst of a crumbling US political culture: two of every three Americans constitute an “exhausted majority” who reject right/left polarization and are open to alternative viewpoints.

Especially at this time of realignment, we have been given a unique moment to put aside the frothy, angsty political debates and think harder about our deepest values. A Consistent Life Ethic, especially one which embraces Pope Francis’ challenge to resist “throwaway culture,” has the capacity to unite people who for the last several decades imagined themselves in a polarized culture war.


J. Hazel Paulson (Jessy) is a prayer artist. She uses painting as a form of prayer. We are so excited to offer prints of her paintings on 6×6″ flat cards that double as frameable prints with her prayer printed on the back. It includes an envelope so you can share the joy and art with others.

This card is the You Are Loved piece. The prayer on the back reads:

May you feel to the depths of
your soul how loved you are.
May you see the way others
light up because of the way
you treat them. May you feel 
the warmth and comfort you
bring into conversation. May
you know to the core of your
being your worth and may
you feel truly loved, not just
today but every day.

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Marching band practice has started up at my daughter’s high school.

And she loves it! Some nights she even comes home and practices for a few more hours.

She didn’t start with the drums. In 4th grade when they had to  pick their instrument, she chose the saxophone. When it came time to pick, she thought she had to play the saxophone because that’s what her sister played and we had one at home.

But in her heart, she wanted to bang on drums. She eventually earned a spot in percussion, but I ahve a bit of parent-guilt that she didn’t think drums were an option from the beginning.

My daughter LOVES music. But the saxaphone wasn’t the best way for her to explore music. She dabbles in other insturments too, but drums are what she works hard at.

We Catholics have a massive bank of devotions and saints that we can draw on to deepen our faith and give us examples of how to get through the hard things live throws at us.

And it wasn’t until I was in my late 30s when I realized that I could explore devotions outside of my patron saint and the rote prayers that bounced off my lips while my brain and heart were elsewhere.

There are so many exiting writings out there. And so many unknown saints. So much adventure to be had! 

Have you heard of the concept of “flow”? It’s where you lose track of time because the activity you’re doing – reading, working, creating – has engaged you so deeply that time flies by.

That’s what I want for you in your prayer life too. A deeply engaging conversation with God,  learning something new about yourself or your faith that gets the gears turning. 

Love to all,


Primitive Church: The Church in the Days of the Apostles by Rev. D. I. Lanslots, OSB fills in the gaps of the early days of the Catholic Church. Here is the recorded history beginning with the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost Sunday and continues through the death of St. John the Evangelist at the end of the first century.

This fascinating book describes major events in the founding of the Church: the conversion of 3,000 when the Apostles left the Cenacle, the stoning of St. Stephen the first martyr, the conversion of St. Paul, the death of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and so many more events.


St Fiacre (whose name I am unable to pronounce) is the patron saint of gardeners. 

This is a 2′ tall outdoor statue that you can nestle in to your spirea and roses. A charming addition to any garden!


J. Hazel Paulson (Jessy) is a prayer artist. She uses painting as a form of prayer. We are so excited to offer prints of her paintings on 6×6″ cards with her prayer printed on the back. It includes an envelope so you can share the joy and art with others.

This card is the Rising Up piece. The prayer on the back reads:

May you rise up to do the
work that is on your heart
despite shaking legs and a
cracking voice. May you
fully understand how 
important your role is to
this moment in time and
may you give this world
the gift of intentionally
stepping into what you
were created for.

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I love it when we get a chance to support our smaller vendors and our customers love their products as much as we do. I just got J. Hazel Paulson’s new collection of prayers in, and I love them as much as her first batch.

Her art and prayer topics are so diverse. They could be a light for a friend when they’re in a scary or emotional place, encouragement or even just a way to say “I’m thinking about you.”

Her prayers and art are so filled with love and hope, it’s hard to not to have a very specific someone come to mind as I read through them.

I wanted to tell you a bit about J. Hazel Paulson. She uses painting as a form of prayer.  This is how she says it:

“Sometimes when you are deep in the trenches, it is hard to find the words. My artwork fills the gap between what your heart wants to say and what words actually fall out.

“Every single piece of my art tells a story. It is a prayer, a conversation with God, unfolded on canvas.”

She’s such an amazing human. I can’t get enough of her creations, but even more so she is just so wonderful to be around. Her love for God and everyone around her is so deep.

I invite you to take a look at these new prayer cards and greeting cards, and maybe a second look at the first batch too. The words are “just right”.

The prayer cards are $1 each and the greeting cards are $4.97. The greeting cards are unique in that they are front-and-back without  a crease, so like a postcard, but they still come with an envelope, and are perfect for framing.

I included the prayers below so you can get a taste of how special these are 🙂

Have a blessed day!

In the slow-moving
progress, may you see 
the growth happening.
Even when it is not as
quick as you expected,
may you see the signs of
the small, steady rising
you are dong each and
every day, the graceful
growing that is leading 
you into the next stage.

May God show you how to
hold both. Grief and joy,
heartache and happiness,
anxiety and peace all live
at once inside of you. May
He show you how to carve
out space for everything 
you feel so you can
understand your journey
and reconcile your pain.
May you dig deep to find 
the grit to bravely hold
both while you heal.

May you be surrounded
by deep love. May it
catch you off guard and
feel overwhelming. May
you feel your worth as 
strongly as you feel your
pulse. May you be seen, 
not for what you do but
for who you are.

May God wrap this mama in the
same unconditional love
she weaved into her home.
May she rest knowing
everything she built was
exactly enough for the littles
snuggled into her nest. May
she weave in the love,
lessons, and warmth needed
for these babies to thrive
and when they are ready to 
fly, may she proudly watch,
knowing her enough gave
them everything they 

May God scrape away the 
pieces that no longer
serve you. May He help
you release the what-ifs
and should-have-beens
so you can truly step into 
the greatness He has 
waiting for you next.

May the goodness you
radiate be reflected back
to you. Let your light
shine as you focus on the
little joys that make a full 
life. May you be blessed
the way you fruitfully
bless others, drenching
them in generosity,
grace and love.

May you feel seen. Not for the
glimpses of perfection you
chose to share, not for the
achievements, the accolades,
or the recognition, rather may
you feel seen through the
stained glass.
May you feel seen through
the threnches and tears, the scars,
imperfections, and humanness. May you
feel seen for the beauty that still
shines through the layers of
muck, for the light you pour in, and 
for the grace you radiate.
May you feel seen and known
exactly as you are.

When the chaos is 
swirling around you
and you forget the
truths about who you
are and Whose you are,
may God intervene and
stop the mouse. May He
scoop you up and wrap
you with the
authenticity you need
to reclaim who you are.

When the darkness
seeps in, may you
muster the courage
to keep walking towards
the brightness. May you
not fall into the
familiarity of the
shadows but instead
bravely walk into new
joy found in new light.

When the layers of
expectations weigh down,
smothering you, may God
show you how to get your
light back. May you feel the 
steady pulse of your soul
beating deep within you.
May you harness the
strength to fight the
heaviness you have sunk
into, moving one step 
closer each day into the life
you were born for.

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I’ve been diving in to the “Come Holy Spirit” book by Fr. Dolindo Ruotolo… and to be honest the first few chapters were pretty heavy for a summer read. 

Or maybe I started to slow down my reading pace by the time I got to the third chapter.

It’s still going to take me more than one pass through in order to digest everything in this book, but for now I keep thinking “I wish I learned this back in high school when I was in confirmation classes.”

But maybe it was taught and I just wasn’t open to hearing the message of HOW and WHY the gifts of the Holy Spirit work through us. 

How many of God’s lessons are like that? We have the information presented to us, and we cherry pick what we want to hear, what will serve us RIGHT NOW, and forget the rest?

Or maybe we skip over the parts that we think will be hard or somehow disrupt our lives.

One thing that caught my attention in Fr. Routolo’s writings – this book and the Jesus, You take over! prayer he wrote – is that following God’s call will feel really natural and easy, just not the way we expect or want “easy” to look like while we’re on this side of following that call. “This side” being where I haven’t gone “all in” and completely trusted Jesus to take care of me.

We’re conditioned to think ease has to do with wealth and material comforts. We’re blinded by how we think we should get to live our lives, and we close ourselves off to the graces God is pouring on us constantly.

All this to say… on my first read through this book, the message that I’m getting is to take fuller advantage of the sacraments so that I open myself to God’s grace, and thus make it so much easier on myself to follow God’s call.

It still sounds scary. I’m still not able to let go of what  want my life to look like and just say “yes”.  I’m still catching myself putting up obstacles to being completely open to what He has in store for me. 

But if what Fr. Routolo is right, the sacraments and the gifts of the Holy Spirit will break down those obstacles and the discernment will become second nature.

I will continue to pray for bravery as I step more into the unknown. And I will keep praying for you too 

Love to all,


This 18.5” rosary consists of heart-shaped Our Father beads and five decades made of Turquoise stones. Each rosary is accented by a crucifix of the same make and a silver corpus. This lovely sacramental is held together with a blue-beaded cord for a sturdy religious keepsake that lasts through the years. 

$73.00 – $114.00

This beautiful, alabaster statue of Our Lady of Grace was hand painted and imported from Italy. The Blessed Mother is clad in white and rich shades of blue, with gold trim. Her arms are outstretched and her foot is crushing the serpent. 

It is available in either two sizes– 8.5 inches or 13 inches. 

$3.39 $2.97

The Salve Regina Laminated Prayer Card with Prayer. This laminated Prayer Card contains an embedded Miraculous Medal.

Prayer on the back:

The Salve Regina

Hail, Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, our
life, our sweetness and our hope. To
thee do we cry, poor banished children
of Eve. To thee do we send up our
sighs, mourning and weeping in this
valley of tears. Turn then, most gracious
advocate, thine eyes of mercy towards 
us, and after this our exite, show unto 
us the blessed fruit of they womb, Jesus.
O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin
Mary! Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God,
that we may be made worthy of
the promises of Christ.

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It’s very interesting to me when I talk to my non-Christian friends about love. 

This last weekend I got to be in a very deep conversation about the nature and abundance of love, and how it’s boundless and infinite. 

Somewhere in the conversation I asked him “and where do you think the source of that love is?”

“I don’t know,” he said.

At this point I was expecting him to say something about feelings or “the universe” or “inside me”, but he didn’t. Instead he responded “I know there is a source, and it’s accessible to everyone, but I don’t know what it is.”

What’s been rattling around in my head ever since then is “I wonder if more people became curious about the Source of love,  if we could grow the Church.”

What comes first, though?  A deep desire for love (which I believe we all inherently have, but many don’t recoginze and try to fill that need with other things.) or recognizing that need, or searching for the Source?

Does it even matter?

I’m starting to come to the conclusion that our love  is what will draw people to the Church. Our love for our families and communities, how we treat one anther even if it puts us at a disadvantage. How we make people feel. How we welcome the downtrodden.

And I’m looking in the mirror here. It’s not up to me to point to you and say “hey – do this.”

It’s up to me.

How can I spread that love? How can I live so that I’m attracting others to the faith. Sitting behind a keyboard and telling people they’re not “Catholic enough” isn’t going to do it. Berating them for how they live their lives isn’t going to do it. Being louder or smarter or prettier or richer won’t do it either.

Loving them first will do it. Not reciprocal love – not “well they don’t love me so how am I expected to love them.” 

But love without expectation of love in return. Love at the risk of being hurt. Love at the risk of embarassment.

Love first. Be the first to love.

And the beauty is that God has given us so much love to pass around that we will never ever run out. We will never love too much no matter how much we give away.

Love to all,


Exquisite. This rosary boasts double-capped genuine glass beads made in the historic tradition in Murano, Italy. The rosary center is a blue and white enameled gold Miraculous Medal.

The crucifix is rich in symbols and historical detailing. Who says a rosary has to be boring? This one is so detailed, beautiful and vibrant you will want to put it on display as a reminder of your faith. Make sure to take a look at the additional image to get a better idea of the amount of detail in this rosary. Richly gift boxed for perfect gift-giving.

From Evelyn in New York:

“When cleaning out my mom’s belongings, I came upon a whole box of prayer cards. They started in 1940 and went forward to the present. I knew I couldn’t throw them out, but what to do with them? I went online looking for books that would hold the cards, I looked at baseball card holders and they were the wrong size. I found this prayer card album and refill pages and it certainly fit the bill. The cards are nicely displayed, I’m sure my mom would be happy.”


I’ve always been drawn to the Holy Spirit, but never quite understood the Holy Spirit’s role, or the gifts that came with confirmation. And my lack of understanding was put into stark relief when I started reading this book because it uses such wonderful analogies to explain the role of the Holy Spirit.

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From a very early age I remember thinking that rote prayers were my only options for prayer. And as a 3rd grader, this was so BORING. Even when making petitions on other people’s behalf, it felt like I was being forced to write a thank you note for an ugly sweater I never wanted.

And that bordom in prayer followed me into adulthood until I finally had the bright idea that my prayers could be conversational and filled with creativity and imagination.

But even then I had to get over the massive, judgemental hurdle of “I’m praying the wrong way.” I would edit my inner most thoughts to sound stiff and formal because I was pre-judging my prayers, as if God didn’t know what was really on my heart anyway.

So instead of words, I started using images and feelings in my prayers as well. For example, when praying for a sick friend, I’d imagine surronding them in comforting love, seeing a peaceful smile on there face, and ask for healing – both my version of what “healing” is and whatever that means for God and my friend.

And I would use whatever words came without trying to “fancy them up.”

We all have those people in our life where we edit what we say and how we act arount them. And for me that is very tiring. No wonder my edited prayers were draining. 

Especially when praying for the things I want – which has been a harder struggle – I tend to self-edit the most. As if I’m not worthy to even ask. “I shouldn’t as for that” “that sounds selfish” — so much judgment that makes it seem as if God is unapproachable and doesn’t know us intimately already anyway.

There is no “wrong” way to pray. We’re limited only by our imaginations. If what was once working for you (in terms of holding your attention, keeping you coming back for more), pehaps it’s time to expirement with something different.

My friend Jessy paints her prayers. I have certain plants in my garden that remind me of specific people. So even if I didn’t want that sun gold tomato for myself, I planted it for my friend Jen because I send up a small prayer for her every time I see the plant. Or lemon verbena for my friend Kim (except that I LOVE lemon verbena and use it every day in my water).

Options are infinite. I’m still finding new ways to interact with God in prayer that I get excited about!

Love to all,

$1.99/ $39.95 for pack of 25

My new favorite novena – the Surrender novena – is how I’ve been starting my days this last week. It’s amazing. And it holds my attention all day long. 

So many times during the day I re-surrender to Jesus.


Infant of Prague lightweight & durable Vinyl Polyresin Statue. Can be used indoor/outdoor.

Made and hand-painted in the USA.

You’ve asked and we found them!

We’ve found pewter corpuses for your crucifix project that have pegs for attaching instead of nail holes. This way you don’t have to find tiny nails to complete your crucifix. We have 3 sizes available. Look for “peg” in the title.

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I spend a lot of time up in my head. Thinking, worrying, planning, dreaming…. to a point where I wake up in the middle of the night and my first thought is “What am I supposed to be thinking about right now”. 

A few months ago our parish priest’s homily was about surrender… and it’s not that I don’t know what it means, I just never considered that it applied to me.

I’m fine . What on earth do I have that I would need to surrender?

But the wat Father spoke about it touched me. It was an option. It was something that I actually COULD do, and – even better – it WAS meant for me to use, too.

But then my brain starts going.  “How?” it asks. “I have no idea HOW to surrender.” 

“Well you just do” is completely unhelpful.

So I began surrendering my days early in the morning. I didn’t know “how”, I would simply pray “God, I surrender my day to You – whatever that means.”

And then it would evolve. When I would wake up at 2:48 in the morning in our pitch-dark room, my brain telling me to “THINK THINK THINK”, I would once again surrender.

“I surrender my thoughts to You.”

And miraculously I would fall back asleep.

I find myself many times during my days surrenedering. When I feel my shoulder slowly migrating up towards my ears in balls of stress, I surrender.

When I get peeved by an email or interuption, I surrender.

Sure – maybe I’m not doing it “right”, but I’m finally far less worried about that. So something is working. It must be God 😉

Love to all,

PS – If you’re not familiar with my Tuesday emails, I use this opportunity to reach those of you who may be struggling with your faith by sharing my own struggles.  I go through dry spells more often than I care to admit, but I also experience glimpes of sheer joy that I attribute to the Love of God. 

So if you’re new here – welcome! Grab a cup of coffee, take a little time for prayer, and  thank God. I’m so grateful for you!

$95.00 + Free Shipping

My husband and I received a sick call set as a wedding gift and it’s a treasured part of our family.

The top cross where the corpus is attached slides open to reveal a compartment with candles, cotton, and a holy water container. The top part of the corss is then placed in a special slot in the base so it stands on a table or altar. 

While the crucifix hangs on the wall most times, this sick call crucifix is meant to serve a double-purpose of being used when a priest visits to administer anointing of the sick.

$29.00 $19.97

This necklace has been a long-standing favorite of our customers. It’s understated yet stylish and is a beautiful reminder of peace.

I use mine as a reminder to breath and send a quick prayer for whatever is on my mind at that second. 


I never imagined these prayer cards would become as popular as they did this last month! The artist’s words as well as the images she creates have touched so many hearts!

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Last night I was enjoying the lovely evening out on the deck with my husband. The air had a nice chill to it and the humidity was completely gone. 

And then he got a phone call from a friend… and there went my peace and quiet. So I put in my headphones and started listening to the “chillest” thing I could think of – Chorale music.

The music app suggested some chorale music and it was breathtaking. Just the voices of the singers – no instraments – painted scenery in my mind. I couldn’t understand a word they were singing, but I could see the scenerey they created as their voices built these gorgeous scafolding, supported by low basses, with sopranos reaching for Heaven.

And for a split second I “got it”. I felt like I understood music – or at least THIS music – and how it was trying to not only proclaim the greatness of God in ways that words never could – but also that it would ALWAYS fall short of that job, and that’s ok.

Last week I emailed you about striving for perfection, and it’s the quest that matters, not actually becoming perfect. Every time I try to fathom His greatness, I get lost in wonder, and feel so small, yet so protected and loved.

God is love. He loves you in ways we can’t begin to comprehend. I pray you get a taste of that love every day.

Love to all,


I used these as my graduation cards last weekend. The words perfectly fit what I wanted the graduates to remember (the other greeting card I used is this one here which is really inspiring.)

These J Hazel Paulson 6×6″ prints are flat cards that double as frameable prints with her prayer printed on the back. It includes an envelope so you can share the joy and art with others.

This card is the You Are Loved piece. The prayer on the back reads:

May you feel to the depths of
your soul how loved you are.
May you see the way others
light up because of the way
you treat them. May you feel 
the warmth and comfort you
bring into conversation. May
you know to the core of your
being your worth and may
you feel truly loved, not just
today but every day.


Need something a little different for your garden wall? This indoor/outdoor plaque depicts the holy family in full color relief.  13″ tall


Made for little hands and mouths, Chews Life makes rosaries to foster love for Our Lord and His Mother.

This double-pink rosary has a Miraculous medal centerpiece. The cross has little nubbies on it for teething babies.

The cord has a snap in it for safety, and is made of organic cotton.

The beads, center and cross are all made of 100% food grade silicone, and the whole thing is made in the USA.

This rosary is designed to be tough, even after years of love. But accidents do happen, and your rosary should be used only under adult supervision.

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I’ve been asking myself lately if my desire for perfection is a blessing or a curse. And I think I’ve landed on “Blessing” but only because of the fruits of that gift. 

Certainly there have been times where I let the desire to be perfect hold me back, from doing what needed to get done. 

But I’ve come to realize that when I had the grace to recognize that it was my growth that mattered and not perfection itself, I got so much more done.

As a Catholic, God gives us so many opportunities to strive for perfection, but never expects us to reach it. He has given us the sacraments and His constant, immeasurable Love, and the grace we need to get back up again when we fall short. 

Coming in second or handing in a paper with a typo used to  drive me crazy, but as I grow and learn it’s the imperfections that keep me going, and I think that is a gift from God. 

I have a sticky note on my computer that say “then do it wrong” – meaning that I shouldn’t nitpick until something is perfect, just do it wrong-engough to get started. After all, starting is often the hardest part of anything – including answering God’s call.

My prayer for you this week (and especially those high-achieving new graduates out there) is that you find contentment in your strive for perfection, not the attainment.

Imperfectly yours,


Ships free!

This 2′ tall St. Francis garden bird feeder and bath will tuck so nicely between your sedum and spirea! Care for the little birds while adding a sweet prayer reminder to your garden.


Created in Plano Texas, Melissa started designing Catholic jewelry in 2006. I met her at a Catholic vendor fair in Chicago about 6 years ago and we just love all of her creations. She puts a new spin on antique Catholic medals.

$1 – Rising Up Prayer Card

Graduation Season is here, and this prayer card is the perfect insert to those cards you’re sending out to those newly minted adults. 

This new line of prayer cards and greeting cards come from my friend and prayer artist Jessy Paulson.

Here’s the prayer on the back:

Rising Up
May you rise up to do the
work that is on your heart
despite shaking legs and a
cracking voice. May you
fully understand how 
important your role is to
this moment in time and
may you give this world
the gift of intentionally
stepping into what you
were created for.

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