These are my all-time favorite prayer cards… (maybe because I love the artist?)

I love it when we get a chance to support our smaller vendors and our customers love their products as much as we do. I just got J. Hazel Paulson’s new collection of prayers in, and I love them as much as her first batch.

Her art and prayer topics are so diverse. They could be a light for a friend when they’re in a scary or emotional place, encouragement or even just a way to say “I’m thinking about you.”

Her prayers and art are so filled with love and hope, it’s hard to not to have a very specific someone come to mind as I read through them.

I wanted to tell you a bit about J. Hazel Paulson. She uses painting as a form of prayer.  This is how she says it:

“Sometimes when you are deep in the trenches, it is hard to find the words. My artwork fills the gap between what your heart wants to say and what words actually fall out.

“Every single piece of my art tells a story. It is a prayer, a conversation with God, unfolded on canvas.”

She’s such an amazing human. I can’t get enough of her creations, but even more so she is just so wonderful to be around. Her love for God and everyone around her is so deep.

I invite you to take a look at these new prayer cards and greeting cards, and maybe a second look at the first batch too. The words are “just right”.

The prayer cards are $1 each and the greeting cards are $4.97. The greeting cards are unique in that they are front-and-back without  a crease, so like a postcard, but they still come with an envelope, and are perfect for framing.

I included the prayers below so you can get a taste of how special these are 🙂

Have a blessed day!

In the slow-moving
progress, may you see 
the growth happening.
Even when it is not as
quick as you expected,
may you see the signs of
the small, steady rising
you are dong each and
every day, the graceful
growing that is leading 
you into the next stage.

May God show you how to
hold both. Grief and joy,
heartache and happiness,
anxiety and peace all live
at once inside of you. May
He show you how to carve
out space for everything 
you feel so you can
understand your journey
and reconcile your pain.
May you dig deep to find 
the grit to bravely hold
both while you heal.

May you be surrounded
by deep love. May it
catch you off guard and
feel overwhelming. May
you feel your worth as 
strongly as you feel your
pulse. May you be seen, 
not for what you do but
for who you are.

May God wrap this mama in the
same unconditional love
she weaved into her home.
May she rest knowing
everything she built was
exactly enough for the littles
snuggled into her nest. May
she weave in the love,
lessons, and warmth needed
for these babies to thrive
and when they are ready to 
fly, may she proudly watch,
knowing her enough gave
them everything they 

May God scrape away the 
pieces that no longer
serve you. May He help
you release the what-ifs
and should-have-beens
so you can truly step into 
the greatness He has 
waiting for you next.

May the goodness you
radiate be reflected back
to you. Let your light
shine as you focus on the
little joys that make a full 
life. May you be blessed
the way you fruitfully
bless others, drenching
them in generosity,
grace and love.

May you feel seen. Not for the
glimpses of perfection you
chose to share, not for the
achievements, the accolades,
or the recognition, rather may
you feel seen through the
stained glass.
May you feel seen through
the threnches and tears, the scars,
imperfections, and humanness. May you
feel seen for the beauty that still
shines through the layers of
muck, for the light you pour in, and 
for the grace you radiate.
May you feel seen and known
exactly as you are.

When the chaos is 
swirling around you
and you forget the
truths about who you
are and Whose you are,
may God intervene and
stop the mouse. May He
scoop you up and wrap
you with the
authenticity you need
to reclaim who you are.

When the darkness
seeps in, may you
muster the courage
to keep walking towards
the brightness. May you
not fall into the
familiarity of the
shadows but instead
bravely walk into new
joy found in new light.

When the layers of
expectations weigh down,
smothering you, may God
show you how to get your
light back. May you feel the 
steady pulse of your soul
beating deep within you.
May you harness the
strength to fight the
heaviness you have sunk
into, moving one step 
closer each day into the life
you were born for.

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