Prayer Artist

A dear friend of mine is a prayer artist. And I didn’t konw what that meant, but what she does is pretty incredible.

She paints while she prays, and by the time she is done with her piece of art, she has a lovely painting and the perfect words of prayer to accompany it.

And then she cuts the art up into little pieces to create jewerly.

Her process is quite incredible, but it’s the prayers she share that are the cherry on top.  I have a few samples below, and you’re going to want to read them.

We have partnered with her to offer copies of her art – both the painting and the prayers. We have both prayer cards and greeting cards available. I hope these touch your heart like they did mine.

Love to all,


You are Loved
May you feel to the depths of
your soul how loved you are.
May you see the way others
light up because of the way
you treat them. May you feel 
the warmth and comfort you
bring into conversation. May
you know to the core of your
being your worth and may
you feel truly loved, not just
today but every day.

When the date invisibly
circled on the calendar
sweeps you into heaviness,
may God comfort you with
sweet memories. May you rest
in the joyful thoughts of the 
love you shared. May you
remember the feeling of the
belly laughs, the tightness of
the hugs, and the twinkle in
the eyes. And may you rest in
anticipation of the joyful
celebration yet to come
beyond the gates.

The Sisterhood
May you be blessed with
friendship that exceeds
anything you could imagine,
the kinds with shuolders to
sigh into and deep hugs. May
you be surrounded by a
sisterhood that lifts you up
and lets you lean in to confide
in the dark. May these women
be your soft landing pad and 
may you be theirs.
A forever sacred sisterhood.

Dragonfly Flutters
When you are drowning in the
grief of all the memories and
should-have-beens, may He
wrap you in grace. May He
hold you tightly while you cry
the tears and relive the best
parts. Let the dragonfly
flutters remind you of the
love you shared. While you
fight for your peace, may He
fill your dreams with sweet
memories and gently move
you into whatever is next for
you here.

Rising Up
May you rise up to do the
work that is on your heart
despite shaking legs and a
cracking voice. May you
fully understand how 
important your role is to
this moment in time and
may you give this world
the gift of intentionally
stepping into what you
were created for.

The Stillness
May you have the
presence of mind to sit in
the stillness, letting God
do His work in the
background. May you 
allow grace to fill all the
nooks and crevices of
things unreconciled. May
you be filled with peace
while you wait for His
plan to unfold.

In the Wilderness
When you find yourself lost in
the woods, may you dig deep
to find the grit to survive.
May you persevere through
the worlderness, fighting off
the doubts and insecurities.
May you discover you are
capable and strong. May you
see the breadcrumbs He is
placing to lead you to a worn
path, one well traveled by the
souls who have braved this
same wilderness before you.
And may that path lead you

Over the Rainbow
When you are in the
middle of a downpour,
keep looking towards the
heavens. Let the rain
wash away all of the
broken pieces that are no
longer for you. Keep your
eyes on the hope of 
tomorrow, the promise of
the rainbow.

When the waves are
crashing around you and
it feels as if the sea will
swallow you whole, may
God anchor you. May He
lift you up above the
trashing waves so you
may feel the warmth of
the sun. May you finally 
surrender the battle that 
was never yours and find
rest and refuge between
the tides.

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