How I Learned to Surrender (but I might still be doing it wrong…)

I spend a lot of time up in my head. Thinking, worrying, planning, dreaming…. to a point where I wake up in the middle of the night and my first thought is “What am I supposed to be thinking about right now”. 

A few months ago our parish priest’s homily was about surrender… and it’s not that I don’t know what it means, I just never considered that it applied to me.

I’m fine . What on earth do I have that I would need to surrender?

But the wat Father spoke about it touched me. It was an option. It was something that I actually COULD do, and – even better – it WAS meant for me to use, too.

But then my brain starts going.  “How?” it asks. “I have no idea HOW to surrender.” 

“Well you just do” is completely unhelpful.

So I began surrendering my days early in the morning. I didn’t know “how”, I would simply pray “God, I surrender my day to You – whatever that means.”

And then it would evolve. When I would wake up at 2:48 in the morning in our pitch-dark room, my brain telling me to “THINK THINK THINK”, I would once again surrender.

“I surrender my thoughts to You.”

And miraculously I would fall back asleep.

I find myself many times during my days surrenedering. When I feel my shoulder slowly migrating up towards my ears in balls of stress, I surrender.

When I get peeved by an email or interuption, I surrender.

Sure – maybe I’m not doing it “right”, but I’m finally far less worried about that. So something is working. It must be God 😉

Love to all,

PS – If you’re not familiar with my Tuesday emails, I use this opportunity to reach those of you who may be struggling with your faith by sharing my own struggles.  I go through dry spells more often than I care to admit, but I also experience glimpes of sheer joy that I attribute to the Love of God. 

So if you’re new here – welcome! Grab a cup of coffee, take a little time for prayer, and  thank God. I’m so grateful for you!

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