How I Got a Tiny Glimpse of God’s Magnificence!

Last night I was enjoying the lovely evening out on the deck with my husband. The air had a nice chill to it and the humidity was completely gone. 

And then he got a phone call from a friend… and there went my peace and quiet. So I put in my headphones and started listening to the “chillest” thing I could think of – Chorale music.

The music app suggested some chorale music and it was breathtaking. Just the voices of the singers – no instraments – painted scenery in my mind. I couldn’t understand a word they were singing, but I could see the scenerey they created as their voices built these gorgeous scafolding, supported by low basses, with sopranos reaching for Heaven.

And for a split second I “got it”. I felt like I understood music – or at least THIS music – and how it was trying to not only proclaim the greatness of God in ways that words never could – but also that it would ALWAYS fall short of that job, and that’s ok.

Last week I emailed you about striving for perfection, and it’s the quest that matters, not actually becoming perfect. Every time I try to fathom His greatness, I get lost in wonder, and feel so small, yet so protected and loved.

God is love. He loves you in ways we can’t begin to comprehend. I pray you get a taste of that love every day.

Love to all,


I used these as my graduation cards last weekend. The words perfectly fit what I wanted the graduates to remember (the other greeting card I used is this one here which is really inspiring.)

These J Hazel Paulson 6×6″ prints are flat cards that double as frameable prints with her prayer printed on the back. It includes an envelope so you can share the joy and art with others.

This card is the You Are Loved piece. The prayer on the back reads:

May you feel to the depths of
your soul how loved you are.
May you see the way others
light up because of the way
you treat them. May you feel 
the warmth and comfort you
bring into conversation. May
you know to the core of your
being your worth and may
you feel truly loved, not just
today but every day.


Need something a little different for your garden wall? This indoor/outdoor plaque depicts the holy family in full color relief.  13″ tall


Made for little hands and mouths, Chews Life makes rosaries to foster love for Our Lord and His Mother.

This double-pink rosary has a Miraculous medal centerpiece. The cross has little nubbies on it for teething babies.

The cord has a snap in it for safety, and is made of organic cotton.

The beads, center and cross are all made of 100% food grade silicone, and the whole thing is made in the USA.

This rosary is designed to be tough, even after years of love. But accidents do happen, and your rosary should be used only under adult supervision.

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