And Here I Thought I Was Perfect

I’ve been asking myself lately if my desire for perfection is a blessing or a curse. And I think I’ve landed on “Blessing” but only because of the fruits of that gift. 

Certainly there have been times where I let the desire to be perfect hold me back, from doing what needed to get done. 

But I’ve come to realize that when I had the grace to recognize that it was my growth that mattered and not perfection itself, I got so much more done.

As a Catholic, God gives us so many opportunities to strive for perfection, but never expects us to reach it. He has given us the sacraments and His constant, immeasurable Love, and the grace we need to get back up again when we fall short. 

Coming in second or handing in a paper with a typo used to  drive me crazy, but as I grow and learn it’s the imperfections that keep me going, and I think that is a gift from God. 

I have a sticky note on my computer that say “then do it wrong” – meaning that I shouldn’t nitpick until something is perfect, just do it wrong-engough to get started. After all, starting is often the hardest part of anything – including answering God’s call.

My prayer for you this week (and especially those high-achieving new graduates out there) is that you find contentment in your strive for perfection, not the attainment.

Imperfectly yours,


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$1 – Rising Up Prayer Card

Graduation Season is here, and this prayer card is the perfect insert to those cards you’re sending out to those newly minted adults. 

This new line of prayer cards and greeting cards come from my friend and prayer artist Jessy Paulson.

Here’s the prayer on the back:

Rising Up
May you rise up to do the
work that is on your heart
despite shaking legs and a
cracking voice. May you
fully understand how 
important your role is to
this moment in time and
may you give this world
the gift of intentionally
stepping into what you
were created for.

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