World’s Best Mom

When I was little, I was offended by mugs and cards that I saw with this phrase on it because I knew they would be going to moms that weren’t MY mom, so obviously they were wrong.

And then I felt bad that everyone else had to pretend to have the world’s best mom, while I got the real deal.

Later in life I’d learn the difference between fact and opinion.

But here’s a fact for you…

We as Catholics are blessed to have the Best Mother in the World. There will never be another like Our Mother.

She’s not just our mother, but the whole world’s, but we get to know her better than anyone. She gently guides us to Jesus. She does not judge or punish. 

When I close my eyes in prayer I can imagine being wrapped in her loving arms, just how I used to curl up with mon on the couch when I was little and take a nap – completely safe and protected without a care in the world. 

Next month we get to honor our moms on Mother’s Day. Pray for the moms of the world. They wall want the best for their children.

Love to all,

I snatched up the last of the wood blocks Jen made with this image on it because it can either be hung on a wall or set on a shelf – so it’s perfect for giving as a gift. 

Added bonus? This items ships for free 🙂

$19.99, 6 left

This darling bracelet comes gift-boxed and ready to wrap (or we can wrap it for you)

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L’Innocence on a 12″ plague to hang on a wall. Breathtaking.

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