“No Offense, but…” (I knew this wouldn’t end well)

Yesterday a dear friend reached out to me – maybe “lashed out” would be a better term. Her cousin – a young mother of 3 small girls – died quite suddenly at the young age of 42.  My friend, in her pain, told me “No offense to you and your faith, but this is how I know there isn’t one single all-caring God.”

I haven’t responded to her. I don’t know how. 

I’m not offended. I hurt for her hurt, and I hurt for her loss of faith.

At this point, all I can do is keep her in my prayers and love her anyway. Unconditionally. 

On Friday we begin the Divine Mercy novena. One of those days is dedicated to praying for those without faith. I hope you will participate in the novena. 

We are not all blessed with being able to see God’s grace at work in our lives, but opening ourselves to being open to Him pouring grace upon us is a beautiful first step to it.

Love to all,

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I cracked this book open a few weeks ago and I couldn’t put it down. Full disclosure: I’m forty years old, and I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. 

This book spoke to me. For a long time I thought discernment was only for those considering holy orders. That’s simply not true. But that doesn’t take away the mystery of vocational discernment. 

This book does a beautiful job of walking the reader through discernment and hearing God’s voice.

This New American Revised Edition has a soft, burgundy cover, gilded gold pages, and is embossed with a single decade rosary on the back for you to pray along with. Inside it has a variety of additional resources to help further your understanding of Scriptures and the Catholic faith. Plus, the larger print makes it easier to delve into God’s word.

It would also make the perfect gift for catechumens or new members of the Church.

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$23.70 per set

This delightful set of six board books with colorful illustrations inspired by Sister M.I. Hummel feature life lessons for children ages 3-6, including when to pray, how to help others, being a good example and more. Ideal for teaching moments.

Each book is 16 pages long and perfect for parents and young readers. This box set provides parents with valuable teaching moments for their young child’s faith development and in their relationship with God and others. 

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