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The traditional practices of the Catholic Church are varied. One of the most cherished is the praying of the rosary. This practice is a beloved tradition that goes back centuries.

When looking at the rosary from a historical perspective, it is difficult to discern the origins of the practice. Using “prayer beads” and the repeated reciting of prayers as a means of focusing meditation date back to the beginning days of the Church. In fact, the use of prayer beads can be dated to pre-Christian times. Continue reading Product Highlight: Finger Rosaries

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Is there anything more difficult that finding a gift for teens and pre-teens? However, if you know that someone you’re buying a gift for is involved in various athletic endeavors, things just got a bit easier for you. Here’s our guide to finding the best gifts for athletes. 

Finding something that they’ll both like and enjoy using can be tricky, especially if you’re not the athletic type yourself.  To make your gift buying all the easier, check out these great gift options that every athlete is sure to enjoy.

What’s Their Sport?

Finding the perfect gift for an athletic person is a lot easier if you focus on finding something that relates to their favorite athletic activities.  A good way to figure out what they’ll like AND use is simply talk to them about the athletic activities they participate in, and what happens to make them more difficult, annoying, or reduces their overall performance. 

Perhaps they have gear or equipment that isn’t up to par, or they’re missing something that would dramatically improve their performance, in which case you’ve got a clearer idea about what you can buy.

For example, my daughter loves to play basketball. I asked her what she’s best at – passing and ball handling. What does she want to work on? Defense. In that same conversation she mentioned specialized ankle bands that help train for defense. Bingo! I never would have thought of that on my own.

Great Packs

No matter what kind of athletic activity they’re into, they’re likely to have a decent amount of gear and/or equipment.  Backpacks and other bags are great gift ideas to help make transporting sports equipment a lot easier.  If you know that the bags they’re working with now are difficult to lug around, then you might look into something that will fit their back and shoulders better or that’s just a lot easier to transport. 

Material is also very important when it comes to packs and bags for athletic gear, as you want something that’s going to be durable but which will also breathe well, as this will help cut down on odor.  Nylon is a great fabric option, as it’s more resistant to tearing and staining, and will hold up well against moisture.


Athletic clothes can get worn out pretty quick, especially if an athlete is particularly active.  With that in mind, workout and training clothing are great choices for athletic gifts because they’re pretty much always needed.  A useful approach would be to buy a few pieces that would be great in warm weather and a few that would be good in cold weather; that way, they’ve always got something that they can use no matter the time of year. 

Fabrics that will wick away moisture, stretch, and hold up to a lot of wear and tear will be ideal.  Also consider footwear, as this is one item of clothing in particular that can wear out pretty fast, especially if someone is into running or hiking.  Shoes that have good traction and that breathe well will certainly be welcome, especially if they’re also really easy to clean.


Many people like to take on athletic activities while listening to music, so something like new ear buds, an iPod, or even a gift card they can use to purchase and download new music would be a great gift option. 

Accessories like fitness watches that record distance, how many steps you’ve taken, and the amount of calories burned are gift options that are both stylish and useful.  You may even consider giving a few fitness DVDs to help with fitness training and workouts, as staying in shape is important if you’re going to take part in different athletic activities.

For the Religious Athlete

If you know an athlete who’s also religious, then presenting them with religion-themed gifts can be very meaningful.  These gifts don’t have to be directly related to any kind of sport, either, so it makes gift buying a little more straightforward. 

You could present any number of religious gifts, such as cross pendants or religious medals to commemorate important athletic achievements, or to act as motivation during sporting events.  If they have a patron saint or a particular prayer or bible verse that has deep meaning for them, then you might consider purchasing something like a corresponding saint’s medal, a prayer card, or a motivational plaque. 

If they like to pray before an athletic event, then a small prayer book would be a thoughtful and useful gift, as it would be a convenient size to pack inside of a sports bag and still offer valuable spiritual service.

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Why is it silver? Why did it look like iron? Who designed it?

It’s not iron (but they thought it was). It’s not gold (but it usually is).

The first time I laid eyes on Pope Francis’ pectoral cross, I remember thinking it was unlike anything else I had ever seen. When the first shipment of crosses arrived at our office, I noted a few different things… the detail, the signature on the back… and the hologram seal?

Turns out, the cross design is copyrighted and the seal makes sure my customers are getting the real deal. But there is so much more behind that story. Continue reading The Story Behind Pope Francis’ Pectoral Cross

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