Catholic Christmas Gifts

Embarrassingly, I was out-gifted by my sister last year.

I know, I know. It’s not a contest.

But when the gift my sister gave Mom for Christmas last year brought tears to her eyes, I knew she had “won”.

What was that gift?

A rosary. 

Seriously. The daughter who runs the Catholic website was out-gifted by her sister, who gave Mom a rosary.

I still shake my head at myself for that one, but with a smile on my face.

Love to all,

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The Christmas season is a time steeped in religious tradition and ceremony. It is a time that is especially important to the Catholics of the world. During this time, the giving of gifts is a beloved tradition that continues. Some of the most popular items to give are memorabilia that honor Pope Saint John Paul II. Continue reading Christmas Gifts for Admirers of Pope John Paul II

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The traditional practices of the Catholic Church are varied. One of the most cherished is the praying of the rosary. This practice is a beloved tradition that goes back centuries.

When looking at the rosary from a historical perspective, it is difficult to discern the origins of the practice. Using “prayer beads” and the repeated reciting of prayers as a means of focusing meditation date back to the beginning days of the Church. In fact, the use of prayer beads can be dated to pre-Christian times. Continue reading Product Highlight: Finger Rosaries

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