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Lately my prayer has been filled with lots of silence. I’m just out of words. Not in a sorrowful or frustrated way, it just feels right to sit.

Every once in awhile a “Thank you” or “Please bless…” or “This is beautiful” or “Help me” arises, but not nearly the long string of words that usually bubbles up.

Just a few words, lots of quiet.

Perhaps it’s because the weather has been so incredibly beautiful… unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in a South Dakota spring-to-summer.

Even on Saturday we all sat out on the covered porch and quietly watched the rain.

No TV has been on during the evening. There is just no desire for it. Just quiet. 

And it’s beautiful. I feel incredibly loved.

I pray you have the same or better.

Love to all,

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Get the look of a granite, bronze, wood, copper or color statue for your garden without the cost or risk of breakage. This lovely 24″ Our Lady of Grace garden statue is designed for lasting durability indoors and outdoors.

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Choose this beautiful bible for the first “real” bible for your First Communion candidate.

It’s perfectly sized and makes children receiving their First Communion feel grown-up and important. It’s high quality means that this bible will last for ages to come.

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This pyx features the Chi Ro image on the green enameled cover while the high quality pyx is made from pure brass. Made from Italy, this pyx can hold up to 6 hosts. Our Chi Ro Brass Pyx is the perfect gift or token for those who devote their lives to serving the Lord.

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On Monday morning I woke up to the voice of my oldest daughter asking “Where’s the fish?”

I don’t know if I’ve ever heard a more ominous question. There is no answer that would be a happy outcome.

You see, my oldest daughter has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. She loves deeply and completely. She literally wouldn’t hurt a spider. (Mosquitoes, yes. Spiders, no.)

When she graduated high school, she rescued a couple of the classroom goldfish from their summer demise. So we became a fish family, I guess.

She took wonderful care of the fish, hauling them too and from college. Last summer one fish came down with some sort of disease that was eating away at it’s dorsal fin, so instead of flushing it down a toilet (because what a terrible way to go), we took it to the vet so they could euthanize the poor thing. $36.

Yesterday, however, was a bit unexpected. The goldfish “Anne” had grown to a healthy length of 5″ and my daughter had just bought a larger tank to give her more space to grow. Apparently Anne did not want to wait for her new tank and sometime during the night jumped out of her tank and directly into the cat food bag.

Which is impressive.

Impressive because the opening to the bag is quite small. It was sad, tragic and darkly funny. My heart breaks for my sweet girl who left for work in tears and came home the same way.

That beautiful heart teaches me something every day. Yesterday she reminded me that it’s ok to laugh through tears, it’s ok to hurt, and it’s ok to love completely and without reserve.

Love to all,

These vinyl outdoor statues are turning into one of our customer favorites. Each style of 24″ statue comes in 6 colors: White, Granite, Full Color, Bronze, Patina, and Wood Stain. 

These Tree of Life icons are so beautiful. And they’re handmade in Greece with real gold leaf. There are photos of the artisans writing the icons at the link.

This gorgeous statue of St. Micheal.

These statues are a bit larger, both in height and width, and the detail is exquisite. As of right now we only have St. Micheal listed on our website; we want to be sure the upgraded version is something our customer would be interested in. 

Crafted in New England from fine pewter. Gift boxed.

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Everything is a hyperbole these days – we are living in extremes wondering what’s coming next. 

Last week I went to the dentist with sever jaw pain, and my dentist said he’s seen more jaw issues in the last 2 months than in the last 10 years. People clench their jaws and grind their teeth in their sleep when they are stressed.

And honestly, sleep has not come easy for me lately. And when it does it’s pocked with distressing dreams. 

On Sunday I spent the large majority of the day out in a section of my yard I’m trying to restore to native prairie. (It’s not going well.) Thousands upon thousands of thistles insist on making this their home. 

Luckily for me, gardening is when prayer comes most naturally for me. This time the hymn “Be Not Afraid” repeated on a loop in my head, except I was unable to finish the phrase “Be not afraid. I go before you always. Come, follow me and I will give you ____”. 

Joy? Peace? WHAT will He give me? Why can’t I remember?

I’ve known this hymn all my life and have never forgotten the last word. And I couldn’t think of it no matter how hard I tried. And then what I believe was the Holy Spirit said to me “It’s exactly what you are looking really hard for and can’t find. You need to know what you are looking for, so you remember where to find it.”


At the end of all of this is Rest. We will find rest for our souls. 

Come, follow me, and I will give you rest.

Love to all,

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When feelings of frustration, anger, or hurt bubble up in your daily life, this Saint Francis of Assisi necklace reminds you to breathe and become peaceful. Let St. Francis help you de-stress as you turn your actions and thoughts towards those of peace.

We could all use some help finding peace these days. I find mine meeting Jesus in prayer.

This book teaches the reader how “to tune one’s inner attention to the presence of the Lord” by praying the Jesus prayer, a simple, time-honored manner of drinking in His presence every hour of the day.

Bronze-dipped, made in Italy.

Two children rest safely in the arms of an angel, represented by the 11″ Guardian Angel w/ Children Statue. 

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The last couple of months have been chock-full of experimentation. We’ve been cooking new recipes, growing different peppers, and playing new games.

My oldest has been on a baking spree, and I’m definitely not going to complain about the smell of fresh baked kolaches coming out of the oven. I haven’t tried her dandelion jelly yet though.

So maybe experimenting with prayer can be fruitful too. I noticed during my my morning prayer I was reading and re-reading the same passages without connecting to the text. It was becoming very rote.

I was lacking an actual conversation with God.

Then I thought to myself… Why am I sticking with what’s not working? I love trying new things, so why not do the same in my prayer life?

There is no end to options for prayer. How beautiful is that? God will meet us where we’re at, and we get to create our own opportunities to meet Him!

So last week I switched it up and simply sat in silence looking out over the green outdoors and bright goldfinches flittering by.

I also have my bible close by. And I can tell from our sales patterns that many Catholics are taking this opportunity to dig in to their bible too.

Our parish is offering virtual bible study. Adoration is still available, as well as daily Mass (online and in-person). I have a wonderful group of Catholic women with whom I get to spend my Tuesday mornings.

And gardening… There is nothing that lifts my soul and reminds me of God’s glory quite like a long, beautiful day getting my hands dirty.

The key is to remember to be grateful ❤️

Love to all,

This bible is one of my favorites because it has sections that answer questions that I’m too afraid to ask because I don’t want people to think I don’t know my catechism (I don’t.) 
This is the type of bible that your grandfather had dog-eared and bookmarked, and always at his side. It’s beautiful and the cover is so soft to the touch.
It comes in burgundy and black.

Totally adorable!

A few churches are starting to schedule First Communion celebrations. Imagine how cute your young man will be with this little bowtie!

Chaplet of the Blessed Sacrament with color laminated Prayer Card. Contains prayer “Soleman Resolution” with instructions and Job’s Tears beaded chaplet in clear carded package. Prayer card measures 4 1/8″ x 2 1/2″.

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Last weekend my parents planted 199 trees. 

They have spent the last 3 years cleaning out the invasive buck thorn from their shelter belt, cutting down the doomed ash trees, and setting the stage for beautiful trees that they will probably never see in their full glory.

And I don’t mean that they hired out this back-breaking work. Mom took lessons on running a chainsaw. Every day it wasn’t raining these two retirees methodically worked their way through acre after acre caring for the land. 

Cutting, pruning, planting, cleaning, restoring.

One hundred of the trees they planted last weekend were chestnut seeds (the rest were actual plants). These chestnut trees are going to eventually grow to be majestic giants, but not for at least 50 years.

Dad joked that he’s going to come back as a ghost and check on his trees and great grandchildren 100 years from now.

So why do it?

They could let the buck thorn choke out all the native plants that live under the canopy of the trees. They could just watch as the ash borers destroy the whole stand of trees in the coming decade, but what does that say about us as Catholics if we stand by and let the next guy take care of it?

We all have gifts. And I don’t mean talents. Even the ability to speak is a gift. The ability to carry a shovel is a gift. The ability to smell clean country air is a gift.

To let these gifts sit idle when there is a difference that can be made – when we could be defending human dignity at all stages of life – to cluck our tongues at injustices we witness every day but do nothing to stop – to squawk on Facebook and call it speaking up for the voiceless – to let God’s creation become infected with pollution and assume someone else will fix it – to claim helplessness when in reality it’s just laziness – that is waste.

These are our God-given gifts. We do not hide them under a bushel basket. We use them, we share them, and we rejoice is His glory!

Let love be your guide. When you approach every person with the love of Jesus Christ, and you can see Christ in each person you meet, you can’t be wrong.

Love to all,

Saint Teresa of Avila. Jesus teaches us of the prayer that leads to contemplation, offering her own experiences as encouragement, showing us how to surrender ourselves more and more to this blissful union with our divine Lover. 

The most touching message a customer ever had us engrave was on the back of a St. Joan of Arc medal. It read:

“You’re brave too”

I tear up every time I think of that.

A Praying Virgin by Pintoricchio Florentine plaque, gold leaf, 11.75×15.5″. MADE IN ITALY

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How did it get to be Friday already?! And not even the morning anymore…

Below are a few treasures I came across when cleaning out some categories on our site.  I don’t know that I ever really “SAW” the medal. It’s so pretty!

I hope you have something to look forward to this weekend. I’m finishing up a few things in the garden, my oldest has been experimenting with making dandelion jam, and the weather should be gorgeous.

Enjoy and have a blessed day!

It’s not often you see a medal like this. It’s petite and stunning. The detail of Jesus’ eyes is compelling.

Head of Christ Brass Pyx – $85.00 – Free Shipping!

Alviti – the company that makes this pyx – crafts the finest metal objects for the Catholic faith. Their pyxes are gorgeous and have the heft that reflects the significance of its contents.
With a few parishes opening back up in the coming weeks, many families are discussing how to safely return to Mass and get the Holy Eucharist to those who can’t make it to Mass.
The pyx is the vessel Eucharistic Ministers use to carry the Host to those not present at Mass.

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This key pendant is on a ball chain with a clear crystal bead to accent the key. The note inside the box reads: “The key to your future lies within your heart”.
This lovely necklace is an affordable reminder to the graduate that you believe in them and are praying for them.
Gift Boxed in a (super-cute) graduation hat box with tassel.

Children love to imitate the world around them through play. 
This mass kit encourages kids to play “Mass” with all the parts they see at the real Mass – Chalice, Crucifix, Candles, Incense and so much more.
Made for ages 3+, this Mass Kit for Children comes with the Seal of Ecclesiastical Approval. 

Saint John Paul II Holy Water Bottle

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Sunday morning came around and we huddled around the television to watch Mass. I sang the hymns and I said the prayers, but I was not completely present. It all felt very sterile.

But lo and behold – there’s God in every nook and cranny, and I don’t have to even look that hard to find Him. He waits patiently for my attention , and I can feel His loving embrace when I close my eyes, breathe, and just rest in Him.

I’ve felt His strength guide me as I asked for grace when responding to Facebook posts when in reality I wanted to get nasty, high and mighty. But none of that was of God. It all came from fear and frustration.

Here’s the kicker: When I asked for grace, it came. He sent me exactly what I asked for.

These little tiny miracles pass us by every day, completely unnoticed. We need only to lift our eyes to Him, step out of the battles we need not fight, and look at each fellow human with a touch of empathy.

So the goal now is to turn off social media and the news, and spend time in the sunshine with my family.

Let’s show the world what love looks like today, shall we?

Love to all,

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I love watching the TV show The Goldbergs with my daughters.  I grew up in the 80’s, and the fashion and technology is right up my ally.

One of the phrases the mom uses when laying a thick guilt trip on her children is “I have failed as a mother!”

This weekend we went on a road trip. It was great to get out of the house. I love listening in on the conversations between my girls. 

But this time I was a little disturbed by an offhanded comment one of them made: “I don’t want to cantor at the 8:00 AM Mass because I don’t want to be at church at 7:00 in the morning.”

I don’t know why this bothered me. The Lord knows I’ve thought the same thing to myself plenty of times. 

I couldn’t quite place where my discomfort was coming, but I felt like a really bad mom at that moment. 

Taking this to prayer, this is what I came away with:

When we lose the willingness to sacrifice, we lose the ability to love. 

Perhaps my children didn’t know what it was to sacrifice (and honestly – me too). Even something as simple as waking up earlier to help with Mass was too inconvenient. And that struck too close to home for my own comfort. 

Cherry-picking sacrifices has become a habit that I’m not proud of. Instead of leaning in to these opportunities to spread God’s love and grace I find an easy out, telling myself that someone else will fill in, or that I’ll make it up by doing something else – something easier. I’m retreating in to my shell because it is so easy to do right now.

So that’s my challenge for the coming weeks: Seek out the sacrifices, recognize them for the opportunities to practice Love for my fellow man. I hope you join me.

Love to all,

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The month of May just snuck up on us, and in the sweetest way possible. Just last night I was basking the in evening light out on the deck with my daughters. 

This has to be the most gorgeous spring I have ever experienced. The weather here in the middle of the Great Plains has never treated us so kindly for so long… and without swarms of mosquitoes.

This wonderful evening was interrupted by “OH MY GOODNESS I FORGOT MOTHER’S DAY!”

Usually here at DCP I’m on top of that type of thing, but now it’s only 1 week away and I haven’t done any of the usual Mother’s Day emails or anything… so forgive the lateness of this email.

Below are the perennial favorites for Catholic Moms. In fact, just last night someone posted how they had been saving up for that granite colored Our Lady of Grace garden statue and how much they love it. They’ve filled the bottom with sand and it’s going to last for a very long time. 

Our vinyl garden statues are made here in the USA, and our customers love them!

Have a wonderful weekend!

24 inch Our Lady Of Grace – 6 Colors to Choose From
This lovely 24″ Our Lady of Grace garden statue is designed for lasting durability indoors and outdoors.

Beautiful, quality 6mm Fancy Capped Sapphire bead, with Sterling Silver 1 1/2″ crucifix and Miraculous center. Engraving available on crucifix only. Gift Boxed.
Crafted in Italy, this 3″ x 3″ crystal box can be used for a treasured rosary or other small cherished items.
Filippino Lippi’s painting of the Madonna is depicted beautifully in sterling silver.
Limited Item! Once these are gone, they’re all gone!
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I could never understand how people could be the Cantor at funerals, especially for beloved family members. I don’t know how they can control their voice or their tears. I’ve never mastered the art of singing while crying.

Last Sunday I was invited to cantor for our parish’s Facebook Live Mass. I had been so excited for WEEKS knowing that I was finally going to get to receive the Eucharist.

So I’m tootling along in my car, headed to church on Sunday morning, listening to hymns and singing along to warm up. 

On came one of my favorites, and I belted along until I felt it… a little crack…. my eyes were welling up with tears.

“You might as well get it over with now, Megan,” I told myself. “Just cry it out.”

It didn’t amount to much. I dabbed my eyes when I parked my car, and went inside to meet up with the pianist to practice. My heart leapt with joy as I entered the sanctuary and I sung my heart out while we warmed up.

And then came the last song. It was even a joyful, upbeat song with a great tempo, and I felt my voice grow thin and start to crack. I paused, apologized to Lisa and told her I would “get it together.”

Started the second verse, thought I had it together, and just burst into tears. Out of nowhere. Heaving sobs I could not get under control.  I didn’t even see it coming. 

It felt good. I am so excited for everyone to come back home to Mass. I don’t know when it will be, but in my imagination we are all so hungry for the Body and Blood, the community with one another and the holiness of the Sacrifice, we are filled with the Spirit and joy is bursting out of us all.

No one knows when this time will come, but I am so excited! Just the thought of it puts a smile on my face and pep in my step.

In the meantime I’ll continue to pray for you.

Love & prayers,

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