Can Faith Be Easy?

Is our faith “easy”? Could it be easy?

Last night my husband asked the typical end-of day questions: “How was your day? How are you doing?”

And “tired” was my one word response. I had been counting inventory all day and my energy was drained. So for supper we grabbed some takeout – that was the “easy button” that I was happy to push.

There are also days/weeks/seasons I’m look for the minimum amount of effort that I need to put forth. Other times I’m so full of ambition are ready to go that I feel like nothing can hold me back.

I’ve been pondering what it would mean if holiness were easy…if I sometimes make it harder than it is.

 How does this relate? Because when I get tired, that should be when I’m most leaning on Jesus to help me through, but instead it seems like those are the times in my life where prayer becomes an afterthought instead of being woven into everything I do. 

I KNOW the saints had their own struggles, but when I read about St. Therese or St. Faustina I tend to get jealous of their unwaving faith. It’s so strong and potent and gets them through every bump in the road.

Or is that just the picture that we see? With these two women we’re lucky enough to have acces to their writings.

The struggle makes us stronger, right? Trees need wind in order to grow strong.  Perhaps the resistance is a blessing – something for us to sharpen our faith on.

But I know I can rest in God, and that is so comforting. 

In peace,

The Whole World Will Love Me: The Life of St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face

One of the most beloved saints in the Catholic Church is St. Therese the Little Flower. The Whole World Will Love Me contains an easy-to-read and completely enthralling story of the life of this great saint and Doctor of the Church. This wonderful book describes in great detail Therese’s holy parents and sisters, her life before and after she enters Carmel, her devotion to the Holy Face, and her death at the age of 24. 

Before her death, St. Thérèse came to an understanding of her own spiritual advancement, for she made several predictions that all came true: that her Story of a Soul should be published as soon as possible, that she would let fall a shower of roses on the whole world when she died, that she would assist anyone who called upon her for aid, and finally, that the whole world will love her. And, surely, it does!

Her faith in God, her complete trust in His will, and her devotion to “the Little Way” makes St. Thérèse an excellent example for us still on earth. The Whole World Will Love Me is a must read for Catholics looking to know this beautiful soul better. 

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