What I Learned This Week: The Stronger My Faith The More I’m Willing To Talk About It

Come Holy Spirit.

Come Holy Spirit.

Come Holy Spirit.

This little prayer has been on my lips since it was taught to me by a dear friend a few years ago.  It comes easily, and it gives my heart, head, and soul space from whatever is directly in front of me.

And that little space – that little crack is all God needs to pour His graces out upon us. 

This last week I’ve been so full of gratitude, and when I placed my petitions before God in prayer last evening I had an image of what I wanted a year from now: to fully embrace a new friend I’ve made in a full hug. 

And I don’t know that she’d ever consider me a friend or just an acquaintance, but her presence and her words have been so comforting to me these past few months. I don’t even know if she remembers our conversations.

But in reality, that doesn’t matter to me. Her faith comes so easy to her –  I stand in awe. 

I read somewhere that as you grow in faith, so does your willingness to talk about your faith.  I had never thought about that, but it certainly makes sense.

And she really draws me out of my thoughts and into deep conversation about Jesus, and for that I am so grateful. She didn’t try to put words in my mouth, or try to rush the conversation. And in that conversation I recognized how far I have come, thank God.

I pray that you have someone in your life that you have have heartfelt conversations about your faith in ways that feed your soul.

I have to admit something to you:All these years I thought this nativity set was ceramic. I thought it was extremely fragile. I mean – look at it! Doesn’t it look just like the nativity set your mom had, but without the hands of the wise men dripping in the glue from where you dropped it and broke it when you were little?Well… as I opened one of the boxes last week to take some new pictures of the individual pieces I came to realize that this set is unbreakable. It’s made of a resin. So all these years – I’m fretting about breaking in shipping – and there is little to no chance of that happening. I’ve SEEN the pieces, I’ve just never grabbed one. I’m a natural klutz. Sigh….But there are beautiful new photos online with the 12″ version, and we also have 8″ and 18″ sets as well.

Saint Michael the Archangel dime-sized medal made in the USA by skilled artisians. The vintage-style medal depicts St. Michael defeating the devil in battle. “St. Michael Pray for Us” is egraved over the Archangel’s head.

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The National Catholic Register says: “Catholic social teaching could become a tremendously effective tool for making that better world — where justice, peace and love would be the norm — if we would commit to regularly reading it, praying with it, teaching it, preaching it and living it.”

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