When Your Heart Has Hardened

The hard thing about a hardening heart is recognizing it so you can  (with the grace of God) reverse course.

And sometimes I recognize this in myself, and I just don’t want to turn things around. I want to wallow in my grumpiness and judgement.

That right there ^^^^ that statement is why you can’t do it alone. We need God’s grace to do the hard things. You may not know or recognize it as grace, but it’s there. 

And that little reminder, I hope, is enough to send up a little prayer “God change my heart. Mary pray for me.”

Ask for help, lean on God’s Grace for assistance, and start taking little actions even if you’re heart isn’t in it yet.

Love and prayers,

The custom of distributing prayer cards is a centuries-old tradition in the Catholic faith. 

Prayer cards, or holy cards, are small, devotional cards for the use of the faithful that bear a religious image and a verse or prayer that can be used for private devotion. They also make great keepsakes from special events like First Communions, weddings, and ordinations.

This convenient album will keep your treasured prayer cards safe from wear and tear, allowing you to continue to pray with them for years to come!

This 10″x 9″ blue album comes with six clear pages and can store up to 48 holy cards. 

Refill for album also available – 6 pages in the refill packet.

Our Lady of Grace lightweight & durable Vinyl Polyresin Statue. Can be used indoor/outdoor.

24″ Tall, made in USA.

Picasso’s artistic inspiration takes hold of young Emma’s faith imagination in Drawing God, a beautifully illustrated hardcover picture book about how we all see God differently.

“This urge to draw something beyond spectacular would not leave my side. ‘What should I draw?’ I thought. I sat quietly, listening to my mind and heart. That’s when I heard their whisper and I decided to draw God.”

Emma tries again and again and again to draw God, but her classmates can’t see God in any of her drawings. Emma finally realizes that she doesn’t need their approval.  

“I knew I had drawn God. God knew I had drawn God, and maybe Picasso knew, too. That finally felt like enough.”

But when Emma returns to school on the following Monday, something beyond spectacular happens. Drawing God is a story for children to discover what inspires their very own faith imagination and to realize the contagious faith that lives powerfully within them.

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