Making My Calendar ALL Purple

I color code my calendar. Between work, kids, personal – all of it has a color. And church stuff is purple (purple is also my favorite color – or royal blue).

So I have these little chunks that appear here and there on my calendar, but what I really really want is a light purple that is the background of ALL of my time.

I’m on a constant quest to make God the center of everything I do, and I fail more often than I succeed. But once I made the visual connection in my  brain that instead of JUST small dark purple chunks, my life could have a constant, steady lavender background, I feel a whole lot better about the times I fail at putting God first.

Because I don’t have to wait until the next purple chunk to make it right. 

Just a simple acknowledgement of His presence throughout every nook and cranny of my life is comforting. 

Thank God.

Love to all,

Our Lady of Mental Peace

Mother of Tranquility and Mother of Hope,
look upon me in this time of my
weakness and unrest.
Touch my searching heart to know that
God’s Love for me is unchanging and 
unchangeable, and, that true human love 
can only begin and grow by
touching His Love.
Let your gentle Peace which this world
cannot give be always with me. And help 
me to bring the same Peace into
the lives of others.
Our Lady of Mental Peace, pray for me.

St Francis Peace Charm Necklace

When feelings of frustration, anger, or hurt bubble up in your daily life, this Saint Francis of Assisi necklace reminds you to breathe and become peaceful. Let St. Francis help you de-stress as you turn your actions and thoughts towards those of peace.

This necklace has a modest but elegant look. The St. Francis medal is thick and substantive, as is the “Peace” tag and rhinstone setting.

Comes carded with a burlap branded bag. Miriam Hahn Designs.

Head of Christ Brass Pyx

Share God’s healing power with ailing Catholic loved ones via our Head of Christ Brass Pyx. Delicately fashioned from high-quality brass, our pyx displays a pewter cover featuring an image of Christ crowned with thorns.

Along with a prayer cross, this brass pyx is an ideal gift for sick Catholics seeking a divine cure. Inspiring faith in the power of Christ, our pyx is an ideal gift for traveling priests or those who minister to the sick. Help our fellow Catholics find peace through the Lord via this Head of Christ Brass Pyx.

Inside this pyx, you will find a high point (or bump) at the bottom for easy access to the Host. 

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