How My (annoying but cute) Cat Helps Me Pray

Our cat is by far the most annoying inhabitant in our house. He meows incessantly to be let out – and then to be let right back in.

He will clean himself with the loudest licks you’ve ever heard.

He lets us know there’s a mouse under the couch, then retreats to the kitchen to yell at us about his empty bowl while we grab fly swatters and kitchen tongs to herd the terrified mouse to the outdoors.

He’s not capable of much more than sleeping, eating, and annoying me. 

But he’s cute, so I guess he has that going for him.

Herman (that’s our cat) makes no bones about what he wants from us. He’s a straight-talking cat for sure. We know exactly when he wants food, cuddles, or fresh air.

There is no mystery in this cat. 

And he frustrates me to no end.

But he brings me an awareness of God. Right when I think I’m at my absolute wit’s end with that cat, he makes me laugh at myself. 

All that fuss over a meow? Really?

And that’s when I remember to send up a tiny short prayer. Herman is like my fuzzy, obnoxious prayer reminder.

But would it kill him to catch a mouse?

Love to all,

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