Can You See It Now?

Have you ever looked back on your life and traced your spiritual story?

As in:

“I grew up in a Catholic home and was baptized as a baby. I thought everyone prayed before meals and went to Mass on Sundays.

“I remember when I was really little – long before my First Communion – I wanted to receive the Host so badly that I DEMANDED my mom bring back one and give it to me.”

And on and one the story goes with the highlights, struggles, and turning points that bring us to today.

If you do decide to do this exercise, this next part could be very revealing….

Now that you have your story, go back and find the parts where you were trying to run the show or where you weren’t hearing what God had to say. Maybe there are even parts where you felt His presence, and didn’t know what to do with it.

And look for the parts that were blessings and graces.

For example – in the little story above perhaps the Eucharist was so attractive to me as a child, but I had no idea what was drawing me in or why.

Are there any over-arching themes? Did you learn anything about yourself or how you want to move forward with your faith?

Hindsight can be so helpful, and I know I don’t use it often enough.

Love to all,

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