My Foot Usually Ends Up In My Mouth

I’ll be honest – I have a hard time deciphering when to bite my tongue and when to speak up. 

Being a Catholic business we are a natural target for those who harbor pain and hatred towards us. Now I want to be really careful when I say this because in now way do I want to give off a “victim” vibe.

On the contrary, I’m in a position where I can handle it; I’m strong enough in my faith that these hurled barbs posted as comments on our ads or as “reviews” do not shake me.

But when it comes to deciphering if someone is raging to rage or if they are asking for help, I can’t tell if there is a window open to understanding our beautiful faith.

The super scary step that comes next – after the “yeah, I think I can talk about my faith with this person”  –  is “what the heck do I say?”

So once I get far enough to NOT stick my foot in my mouth (let’s be real – my foot has spent A LOT of time shoved ankle-deep in my mouth for most of my life), then what?

Really what I want is an easy answer. I think to myself “Can I just sneak a green scapular into their car or house and have them not notice? Mother Mary can take it from there….”

At every step I want to turn and run. In fact, I am quite terrible at talking about Catholic things to non-Catholic people. But — I gotta say — I’m getting better (if you consider moving from 1 to 1.5 on a scale of 1-10).

Prayer plays a roll, and so does educating myself and being extremely open-minded to the possibility of being wrong. Rigidity and a false sense of righteousness don’t do well in these conversations. 

I think these conversations naturally have a sense of urgency – as if I need to have the right answer RIGHT NOW. Giving myself the grace to say “I’m not sure” or “I don’t know” gives me the room I need to learn, gather my thoughts and pray (and perhaps cool down) about how I want the next part of the conversation to go.

This might all be presumptuous, but I’m hearing a lot of meaningful conversations happening. Facebook is losing it’s luster, there’s not a whole lot of new content on Netflix, and the news is tiresome. We’re running out of ways to distract our minds and returning to good ol’ conversations.

All this just to say… give grace, respond in love, and keep praying.

Love to all,

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