Joy’s Fish Died

On Monday morning I woke up to the voice of my oldest daughter asking “Where’s the fish?”

I don’t know if I’ve ever heard a more ominous question. There is no answer that would be a happy outcome.

You see, my oldest daughter has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. She loves deeply and completely. She literally wouldn’t hurt a spider. (Mosquitoes, yes. Spiders, no.)

When she graduated high school, she rescued a couple of the classroom goldfish from their summer demise. So we became a fish family, I guess.

She took wonderful care of the fish, hauling them too and from college. Last summer one fish came down with some sort of disease that was eating away at it’s dorsal fin, so instead of flushing it down a toilet (because what a terrible way to go), we took it to the vet so they could euthanize the poor thing. $36.

Yesterday, however, was a bit unexpected. The goldfish “Anne” had grown to a healthy length of 5″ and my daughter had just bought a larger tank to give her more space to grow. Apparently Anne did not want to wait for her new tank and sometime during the night jumped out of her tank and directly into the cat food bag.

Which is impressive.

Impressive because the opening to the bag is quite small. It was sad, tragic and darkly funny. My heart breaks for my sweet girl who left for work in tears and came home the same way.

That beautiful heart teaches me something every day. Yesterday she reminded me that it’s ok to laugh through tears, it’s ok to hurt, and it’s ok to love completely and without reserve.

Love to all,

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