I Pray That You Have The Same Or Better

Lately my prayer has been filled with lots of silence. I’m just out of words. Not in a sorrowful or frustrated way, it just feels right to sit.

Every once in awhile a “Thank you” or “Please bless…” or “This is beautiful” or “Help me” arises, but not nearly the long string of words that usually bubbles up.

Just a few words, lots of quiet.

Perhaps it’s because the weather has been so incredibly beautiful… unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in a South Dakota spring-to-summer.

Even on Saturday we all sat out on the covered porch and quietly watched the rain.

No TV has been on during the evening. There is just no desire for it. Just quiet. 

And it’s beautiful. I feel incredibly loved.

I pray you have the same or better.

Love to all,

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