I Had To Get Off Facebook Because Of This…

Sunday morning came around and we huddled around the television to watch Mass. I sang the hymns and I said the prayers, but I was not completely present. It all felt very sterile.

But lo and behold – there’s God in every nook and cranny, and I don’t have to even look that hard to find Him. He waits patiently for my attention , and I can feel His loving embrace when I close my eyes, breathe, and just rest in Him.

I’ve felt His strength guide me as I asked for grace when responding to Facebook posts when in reality I wanted to get nasty, high and mighty. But none of that was of God. It all came from fear and frustration.

Here’s the kicker: When I asked for grace, it came. He sent me exactly what I asked for.

These little tiny miracles pass us by every day, completely unnoticed. We need only to lift our eyes to Him, step out of the battles we need not fight, and look at each fellow human with a touch of empathy.

So the goal now is to turn off social media and the news, and spend time in the sunshine with my family.

Let’s show the world what love looks like today, shall we?

Love to all,

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