Changing Up Prayer Habits

The last couple of months have been chock-full of experimentation. We’ve been cooking new recipes, growing different peppers, and playing new games.

My oldest has been on a baking spree, and I’m definitely not going to complain about the smell of fresh baked kolaches coming out of the oven. I haven’t tried her dandelion jelly yet though.

So maybe experimenting with prayer can be fruitful too. I noticed during my my morning prayer I was reading and re-reading the same passages without connecting to the text. It was becoming very rote.

I was lacking an actual conversation with God.

Then I thought to myself… Why am I sticking with what’s not working? I love trying new things, so why not do the same in my prayer life?

There is no end to options for prayer. How beautiful is that? God will meet us where we’re at, and we get to create our own opportunities to meet Him!

So last week I switched it up and simply sat in silence looking out over the green outdoors and bright goldfinches flittering by.

I also have my bible close by. And I can tell from our sales patterns that many Catholics are taking this opportunity to dig in to their bible too.

Our parish is offering virtual bible study. Adoration is still available, as well as daily Mass (online and in-person). I have a wonderful group of Catholic women with whom I get to spend my Tuesday mornings.

And gardening… There is nothing that lifts my soul and reminds me of God’s glory quite like a long, beautiful day getting my hands dirty.

The key is to remember to be grateful ❤️

Love to all,

This bible is one of my favorites because it has sections that answer questions that I’m too afraid to ask because I don’t want people to think I don’t know my catechism (I don’t.) 
This is the type of bible that your grandfather had dog-eared and bookmarked, and always at his side. It’s beautiful and the cover is so soft to the touch.
It comes in burgundy and black.

Totally adorable!

A few churches are starting to schedule First Communion celebrations. Imagine how cute your young man will be with this little bowtie!

Chaplet of the Blessed Sacrament with color laminated Prayer Card. Contains prayer “Soleman Resolution” with instructions and Job’s Tears beaded chaplet in clear carded package. Prayer card measures 4 1/8″ x 2 1/2″.

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