As If I was telling God something he didn’t already know…

Good morning ~

Yesterday I was reading the Prayer for the Morning in the Magnificat® and as I was reading Psalm 86, it struck me as odd that I’m telling God “All the nations shall come to adore you and glorify your name, O Lord.”

Praising God is a beautiful and necessary part of prayer, but this phrase made it seem like I’m the one reassuring God that the nations will return to Him.

That struck me as really odd.

There is no way I could know the future. It sounds, frankly, like a conversation I had with my girlfriends back in high school: “Don’t worry Rachel. I bet he regrets breaking up with you. He’ll be back.”

Upon meditation over the Psalm, it occurred to me that this is God reassuring us that this nastiness and suffering caused by governments, entities, and people is temporary. It has an end. He is telling us “They will come back to me. There is no need to worry.” 

He is telling us what is to come, and in turn we repeat these promises to remind ourselves, become steadfast in our hope, and praise God.

Love & prayers,

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  1. Juli

    Hello Megan, I hope you keep writing in 2020. You have a very direct and clear way of communicating simple truths. I find your posts relatable and uplifting. Thank you!

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