This is how beautiful our Catholic Faith is…

Hello ~

There are so many “shoulds” and “have tos” and “gottas” this time of year, I thought I’d slow down a bit and simply take a minute to thank God for the beauty within our faith.

As Catholics, we get to pray with all our senses. The smell of incense, the taste of the Body and Blood, and all the other beautiful elements of art and physical experience we get to experience and use as reminders.

I love the smell of incense in church. It reminds me of my childhood church. It calms my mind and gives the the sense of being home.

But beyond the beauty that we personally experience, there is beauty in the Truth. 

The vastness of our faith can be intimidating, but if instead we look at it with wonder, awe and curiosity it becomes energizing and intriguing. 

All are welcome. God is Love and Mercy. He gives us hope. And that is so beautiful.

Love to all,

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