How to pray all day, every day

This last weekend we ended up at St. Mary of the Lake Catholic Church in White Bear Lake, MN when we went to Minnesota to visit family. I love going to Mass at different parishes whenever we’re out of town.

For weeks and weeks – or it could even be months by now (I’ve lost track) – I’ve been praying for direction, and praying that I could actually hear God when He speaks to me – because sometimes I feel like His subtlety is lost on me.

This weekend at this particular church, after I had spent so much time asking for answers, Father said in his homily “whatever you do, do it with great love.”

And it struck me like a ton of bricks. The phrase echoed in my brain and tears welled up in my eyes.

“Do it with great love”. 

Whatever you do, do it with great love, and your actions become a constant prayer. That’s how we can pray constantly all day, every day – by acting with love.

Love & Prayers,

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