What do I do now?

The phrase “Lead me Lord” has been going through my head for days.

And not just the phrase, but the hymn as well:

Lead me Lord, Lead me Lord by the light of truth, to seek and to find the narrow way. Be my way, be my truth, be my light my Lord, and lead me Lord, today.

It seems I put my head down and get busy with the “doing” in life that I forget to look up and see where I’m going. 

And I guess that’s why Jesus is our Shepherd. The sheep are free to keep their heads down and graze while He watches out for our well-being. 

“But am I doing this right?” It’s the curse of the former teacher-pleasing A-student… I’m always looking to an authority figure for affirmation.

So my question is, when I ask the Lord to lead me, and I don’t understand or hear his answer, how do I know I’m headed in the right direction.

I have no answer here, except to say that I’ve been working really hard on listening. Or I should say LEARNING to listen. 

So now as I’m catching myself humming “Lead me Lord”, I’m switching to a prayer of “teach me to listen”. 

I hope I’m a quick study.

Love to all,

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