What do you see as your Final Moment?

What is your vision? (read to the end to find out what angle to use)

I want to light hearts and souls on fire.

And I don’t know if I can.

Certainly not without the help of the Holy Spirit. And, as it turns out, not without outreach.


As a small business owner, I’m constantly looking for ways to get better at all-things-sales.

One of the questions that comes up in one of my business-owners groups is “What is your vision?” And most people’s answer deals with monetary goals.

I find myself in this akward place of 1) reflecting on what really matters in my life, and 2) the need to make a profit to make any of it a reality. 

I tell you this because I want to give you an example of where it can be really hard to get wrapped up in the problems in this world that won’t matter in the next.

And money is one of those things that has zero value in the next.

But there is this dichotomy of being able to realize my vision of being one of God’s tools to light souls on fire, and the need to be able to sustain ourselves in order to do it.

So while in prayer the phrase “in and not of” is repeating in my mind over and over. I think God is communicating with me and I’m missing the message.

I have a vision of success, and when I dig into it there is an element of personal glory. That’s where I’m getting caught up. I can’t claim to know God’s plan for me. I might simply be a stepping stone for someone else’s glory.

But that’s not the narrative that modern society teaches us to have. Instead we are filling with phrases like “follow your bliss” and encouraged to seek our “Personal Legend”. We are told (and it’s easy to believe) that finding noteriety is how we can impact the world.


I want to tell you about a woman who from the perspective of an outside observer might appear to have been a “nobody”. She was small in stature, born and raised, lived and died in and around a town of about 200 people and poor as a church mouse. Her name is unknown to most, but she was a shining example of the Love of God and love FOR God.

She and her husband shared a love for each other that was eclipsed only by their love for God. Together they raised 9 children. Money was never abundant, but she showered her loved ones with food, time, and prayers. The family had what they needed, but never much more than that.

This woman was my grandma, and I pray every day to become just a fraction of the saint that she was. 

There was no fairy-tale ending of “it all worked out in the end” other than when she died she was surrounded by the love of her family, and I doubt more than a few pennies to her name. 


To have a Vision insinuates to have an end in mind. When you are contemplating the grand Vision for your life, what are you looking at?

Are you looking at retirement? Are you looking at the rung of the ladder you want to get to?

What about the invisible impact that you will never know about? What about your final thoughts as you draw your last breath? Forget the security of a well funded 401(k) for a minute and think about the near end when money has zero value to you.

What is your vision for that moment in your life?

Love to all,

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