Itching for a Fight

First of all, I wanted to tell you that I really appreciate that you take the time to read my posts. These Tuesday posts especially have a little part of my heart in each one.

And it’s often the Tuesday emails that I get a lot of responses from, mostly good feedback, but occasionally from someone who has a lot of hurt. 

I used to react very defensively (and sometimes I still do), but mostly I just pray for them because there seems to be an absence of grace or the presence of pain. For whatever reason – whether they read my email at a bad time, it brought up something the reader doesn’t want to acknowledge as a weakness in themself, or they somehow feel attacked – they hit the “reply” button and express their pain.

My heart goes out to these people. I pray they find the comfort they need.

These situations make me turn the mirror back on myself.

When do I act out with frustration instead of grace?

There are times when I’m itching for a fight, and it’s so easy to take someone’s words out of context and twist them into something I can be offended about. 

Then I can really let ’em have it! But that never helps. 

It’s like I’m expecting it to be a release valve to let some pressure off, but instead I just end up feeling worse – sorry that I hurt someone, mad at myself (but trying to justify it), angrier than I was before.

Thank goodness we have God. Thank God for the sacraments. Only He can perfect us. Only he can justify us. 

As humans we are imperfect. We can try to extend grace to one another, we will fail, but we should always try again.

Love to all,


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