Try dawdling after Mass and see if it changes your perspective

After Mass is a great time to dawdle.

Our church offers “Last Chance Mass” on Sunday nights in the summer time, and I’m finding that I love it. 

I love ending my weekend in the slightly chilly church, surrounded by my fellow parishoners who have just returned from a weekend away. The entire congregation is comfortably intent on hearing the message Father has for us. 

The tone seems a different from Sunday morning… more relaxed and open maybe? As if we accomplished something in the last two days and are seeking renewing grace to enter the new week with vigor.

Perhaps it’s the oppressive heat outside, or maybe the thirst of the particular group of people, but it seems as if this group wouldn’t mind if Father took an extra 20 minutes in his homily. No one is rushed to move on with their day. No one is restlessly checking their watch. 

To have absolutely nothing to do, and nowhere to be after Mass is a blessing. Instead of “getting what we came for” and moving on with our grocery shopping, brunch, lawn care, etc.


There is something special about that quiet time after Father recesses out of the sactuary.  I think the Sunday night Masses’ is just more noticeable because it’s more languid and drawn out.

But that same moment exists in the “reglar” Sunday morning Masses, too. I encourage you to take a beat after the final hymn this weekend and experience it for yourself.

Love to all,

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