Is Quietism sneaking into your life?

When Father mentioned “Heresy of Quietism” it caught me off guard.

I had never heard that phrase before.

Our priest used it in his sermon this weekend and I was intrigued. 

Basically, it’s advocates for the believer to be passive in their faith life.

On it’s surface it sounds like simple contemplation. But Quietism is a little more sinister than that. Defined as “devotional contemplation and abandonment of the will as a form of religious mysticism.”

So instead of relying on the sacraments, or going out and being an active Christian – showing others the love of God, practitioners would claim that because they gave up their free will, everything that happens is the will of God, and if they happened to sin, it wasn’t really them, it was their body but not their will, so they couldn’t be responsible for it.

The crux I’m aiming to get across is that this fear that we have of “what difference can I make?” or being to scared to be that outward face of God’s love is weak and passive. 

God isn’t asking you (me) to go convert the entire world, to cure cancer, or be the next savior (we already have One, thank you), but you certainly cannot sit on the sidelines and allow fear to keep you from uniting your will with God’s.

Be scared. Then go out and do it anyway.

Go in peace to love and serve the world!

Love to all,

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