How to do a Spiritual Gifts Assessment

As I’m leaving the confessional this Sunday, my first thought is “I wonder how long it will stick this time,” just hoping to get to Holy Communion in a state of grace.

I had just finished confessing the same sins I’ve been confessing for years. 

When am I going to GET it? When am I going to change?

We are all in a constant state of renewal. Renewing our zest for life, renewing our kitchen into a state of cleanliness, renewing our commitment to our jobs when we get up in the morning and repeat the same Tuesday that we had last week…

Opportunities for interuption are all around us. This last weekend I was listening to the book “Atomic Habits” as I drove to a family reunion. One of the things that struck me is how we identify ourselves.

It one thing to say “I’m trying to wake up ealier” and another to say “I’m an early riser.” Once we start seeing ourselves as the identity we want to become, creating new habits becomes a bit easier.

This struck a cord because a few months ago I was talking to Kathy Kovarik about my spiritual gifts discernment. (She’s amazing, btw). And at the end of our conversation she told me something I’ve heard many times over, but this time was different. She said “You are the daugher of the King.” Meaning, I had unlimited potential and the protection of God himself as I experimented with different spiritual gifts.

Actually…. it had a much deeper meaning for me than that. I’m really having a hard time putting into words how loved and protected I felt all at once. 

Which brings me to the form of Renewal I’ve been working with over the last few months: Spiritual Gifts. 

You’ve read my emails; I’ve been alluding to Spiritual Gifts for a few weeks now. If you find yourself in a place of wanting to do more, or needing a fresh way to participate in your faith, or simply wanting to have a clearer understanding of the Spiritual Gifts you were given, there are two steps.

The first is to take an inventory. St. Austin’s in Austin TX provides this link for an initial self-assesment.  Give yourself time, pray before you begin, and answer as the Holy Spirity guides you.

The second step that I found the most beneficial is to hire someone like Kathy to help you on the path to discerning how to use this information. She is a Catholic spiritual director and trained in the Sprititual Gifts process.  If this is something you are serious about, her email address is facesofleadership (at)

I hope you find some little ray of newness in your faith every day.

Love to all,

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