Using our Spiritual Gifts to Make Life Easier…maybe

There are 2 things I want to address:

1) The gifts God gives us

2) The opportunity to use these gifts

I spent this last week in Arkansas with my FIRST Lego League robotics team that I coach. We’ve had a pretty successful group these last couple of years thanks to the kiddos’ blend of creativity and talents.


We had been working for this competition for 9 months…. 5 months before even qualifying for the event. The kids knew their stuff inside out and backwards. 


Going in to those judged events I was so nervous for them. They had God’s gifts, they developed those gifts and applied them to their robotics.


Would they be able to embrace the opportunity in front of them?

This doesn’t apply only to a whip-smart group of Junior High kids. We are given charisms (aka spiritual gifts). The more we use them, the more opportunities arise to use them even more.

Be on the lookout for the opportunity. Only a portion of us are called to use our words when we spread the Word. The rest of us are called to use our creativity, wisdom, prayer, healing (or other charism) to spread God’s love.

This is how you bring your faith into your every day life. This is how God’s presence is woven into your daily tasks.

Love to all,

PS… the robot kiddos nailed it!

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