I Love the Saints Because They Struggled Too

Travis here. Megan’s taking the week off as she’s headed to the First Lego League Razorback International Championships!

A while back, our priest, Father Kevin, told a story about his childhood that was really interesting to me (he tells lots of great stories of his childhood actually).

Anyway, with this story, he talked about how he was always disappointed that he wasn’t named after a saint. So much so, that he looked towards St. Michael the Archangel for his confirmation Saint; which is partly why we pray the prayer to St. Michael at the end of each mass. Of course, he found out later that he WAS named after a saint, just not one as well-known as others!

This got me to thinking about the Catholic faith and the history of it. I’m a student of history and love doing research on a variety of things. You see, I was raised Lutheran and we don’t have all of these Saints. We don’t learn their history, their struggles and how they overcame them and inspired others to follow Christ. So Father Kevin’s story really seemed to hit home because, well, I wasn’t named after a Saint.

I’ve been doing more research on it and have found some amazing Saints throughout the ages. My favorite so far is St. John Chrysostom. He is the patron saint of Orators and was known for his eloquence – which as a speech and debate coach is probably why I like him so much.

This discovery is something that I continue to find interesting. Magnificat has really helped me with this because each episode has a “Saint Who?” that I’ve learned quite a bit about different Saints who I previously had no idea who they were.

It’s pretty amazing seeing everything that they’ve done over the years and the connections they had to other saints. So if you want to be like me and learn about new saints, there are a ton of resources out there. You never know, maybe you’ll find someone who will inspire you!

Megan will be back next week. Thanks for reading!


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