Ahhhh…. Sun! (and 13 degrees)

A New Perspective on the Weather.

As a South Dakotan, we probably get 3 perfect days a year… 72 – 76 degrees, sunny, no wind, no bugs. 

Three glorious days where no one is complaining about the weather.

Today as I look out my office window and remember I have no reason to be outside in the 13 sparse degrees allotted to us, I get to enjoy the sun.

It’s gloriously bright outside. A fresh layer of white snow is causing me to squint against the abundant light streaming in from outside. The indoor lights are useless today.

Thank you God for this sunny day! I haven’t thanked you for the weather lately. The sun today is heavenly, and for that I am grateful! 

I hope you can always find something to be grateful for.  On the dark rainy days we get to put off mowing one more day. On bitterly cold snowy days we can curl up with a family member and a book. 

It’s the stark contrast of the bad days that make the good ones so much sweeter.

And on those rare, perfect days we can just be in awe.

Love to all,

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