Add This to the Beginning of Your Prayers

Good morning  –

First of all — let’s just agree to NOT mention all the typos in Friday’s email. Not my best work.

I’m going to plow ahead and talk about a practice that a dear friend turned me on to. 

We were at a Catholic Women’s group and she began our group prayer with “Come Holy Spirit.”

She let the words rest, and she repeated the words: “Come Holy Spirit.”

Once again she left just a bit of silence settle and prayed one more time “Come Holy Spirit”.

From there she continued with leading our prayer. 

This opening took no longer than ten seconds (I don’t think – I wasn’t timing it), but the effect was enormous. In nine words the mood of the room shifted as we remembered our purpose for gathering and centered ourselves around the presence of God. 

I’ve started using this in my little prayer pockets during the day. I’d like to hear the effect this has on your prayer life once you try it out.

Love to all,

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