Yeah, I’m talking to you

When is the last time you changed your mind because of a sermon?

Does this sound familiar?

I have a bad habit of sitting in Mass, listening to the sermon, and thinking “I’m glad Father is bringing this up, because there are a lot of people in here who need their minds changed about this issue.”

And other times, “Man is he off about that! How dare Father make veiled declarations about politics?”

It begs the question: How open are we to have our minds and hearts changed?

Whether it’s something political, tithing, or simply the importance of saying the rosary every day, sometimes it’s too painful to hear how I’m falling short. So instead I turn the homily outward and look for ways that it’s OK to stay how I am because someone else is “doing it worse”.

It begs the question: When is the last time I opened my heart and mind to change? 

What opportunities do you have to reconcile your ideas to the teachings of the Catholic Church?

I struggle with some church teachings. I’ll be the first to admit that. So my challenge is finding out :

1. What is the Church really saying on this issue? (get clear)

2. Why do I think so strongly otherwise? Why am I resistant to change my mind on this? (what’s driving my resistance?)

3. What little nugget of truth can I grasp that will allow me to put a tiny crack in my current beliefs? (change my perspective)

The next time you find yourself thinking “This doesn’t apply to me”, challenge that voice and search that resistance for opportunities to grow your faith.

Love to all,

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