Our Fatima Challenge: 100 Years Later, Her Message is Still Relevant!

100 years later, we can still learn from Our Lady of Fatima

The miracle that took place almost 100 years ago was the largest miracle since biblical times. Over 70,000 people witnessed the sun dancing. Newspapers – even anti-Catholic ones – reported on the event.

With that in mind, we have 3 challenges for you:

1. Learn the Rosary

Our Lady emphasized the importance of the rosary. I didn’t take up the practice until about a year ago.

If you fall into the camp of Catholics who don’t pray the rosary because it seems boring or unfruitful, try it again.

Just try it. Even a decade at a time while you’re stuck in traffic or taking a shower.

The easiest way is to find the rosary on your music app – Google Play, Amazon Music, Apple Music, etc.

I like to find a recording that has the opening prayers as a track, the 4 sets of mysteries separately, and then the concluding prayers. Then I create a separate play list for each of the mysteries that looks like this (Example playlist is named “Joyful Mysteries”):

  • Opening Prayers
  • Joyful Mysteries
  • Closing Prayers

I do it for each of the mysteries. Then I can easily pick my “Joyful Mysteries” playlist (or other mysteries as appropriate) on Mondays and Saturdays to pray along with.

If you need help with the rosary, we have many pamphlets and books that can help:

Secrets of the Rosary 
Pray the Rosary Book
Rosary Instruction Pamphlet


2. Perform Acts of Penance

Our Lady of Fatima implored the children to perform acts of penance for sinners.

Doing penance for others IS NOT taking blame for their sins. You are not repenting for someone else’s sins.

Our penance becomes sacramental when offered on someone else’s behalf. It is an act of compassion.

I’m going to take this challenge one step further: Do it for the benefit of someone who really ticks you off. Find in your heart a glimmer of compassion for them, find a way to see Jesus in them. Love them. Then perform an act of penance for them.

3. Invite God In

At Fatima, Our Lady asked for the consecration of Russia because of the road it was heading down. The communist regime was violently anti-religion.

Take a look inward and find a place where you have personally not welcomed God in your own life.

At work? How often do you pause for a prayer or offer your work to God?

When you’re with non-Catholic friends? In what ways can you show these friends the beautiful benefits of your faith?

On social media? Does all decency fly out the window when you hop on Facebook or Twitter? Even toward other Catholics?


So that’s it – 3 ways you can embody the messages of Fatima. Do any of these intrigue you? Let us know!

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