Go to Confession

Go to confession. Just go.

This is Holy Week meaning there is ample opportunity to go to confession. Even if your parish’s schedule doesn’t mesh well with yours, call your parish office and make an appointment.

I’m saying this as someone who once went 17 years without confession.

Just go. If you’re waiting for a sign, consider this to be it.

Stop procrastinating or making empty promises to yourself that you know you won’t keep. Just go now.

Go to build a deeper relationship with God. Go because you are truly sorry, even if you don’t even want to admit to yourself how wrong you were. Go to repair the damage sin has done.

Take the time right now to either find Communal Penance, a Sacrament of Reconciliation schedule, or call your parish office and make an appointment. You will make your priest’s day.

If it’s been a long time, ask the priest for help. Don’t worry about perfection. Getting it 1% right is a million times better than 0% right. Get the absolution you need and the relationship God so desires to have with you.

Just go. You will be so glad you did.

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  1. Sallie April 12, 2017 @ 11:39 pm

    The Sacrament of Confession, is not JUST you confessing your sins to a priest, so your sins can be forgiven. Your Priest is representing and joins with Jesus as One, during your confession so your sins can be forgiven; but also you will be given Grace by God to conquer the temptation of your confessed sins, IF YOU HAVE examined your conscious, are truly sorrowful and intend to ammend your ways, for hurting God, his only Beloved son, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, the Blessed Virgin Mary, all the Angles and Saints, and the whole Catholic Church as we are one body. Confessing Mortal sins also brings you back into Communion with God, Don’t hold back. You can confess to a priest who is not perfect like us, or Be accountable for your sins face to face with Jesus and God. Confession can be very hard if you have not gone in a long time, but gets easier, changes your life, brings peace, happiness and unimaginable Graces.

    • Megan April 13, 2017 @ 2:52 am

      Thank you for expanding on this, Sallie!

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