Now what?

It’s human nature. Something incredible happens, people are inspired, spirits are lifted… and then… what?

Most of the time it wanes away.

What of Pope Francis’s visit? His inspiring words challenged us to be better people. But many times we make the mistake of saying “see – people should be better” without actually reflecting on what I can do to help bring Pope Francis’s vision alive.

It’s actually a little uncomfortable to think about. It certainly takes me outside my comfort zone. What can I be doing to follow Pope Francis’s example? Not to duplicate it, but just to move my life a little bit more towards that direction?

If I were to really, truly internalize his message, I would take some form of action. There would be a change, a happening – something I could point to and say “Pope Francis inspired me to do that. If it weren’t for him, I never would have tried it.”

So what are some ideas you all have had? Any inspiration for the rest of us?

Was it a more prayerful life? Visiting/helping the less fortunate?

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  1. Megan

    I think it’s also easy to go the other way and be really hard on yourself for not doing enough. I think the point is to find a balance where your work/prayer doesn’t feel like it’s creating resentment, but instead bringing blessings to yourself and those around you.

  2. Eileen

    I was there at the Capitol when Pope Francis gave his speech to the joint session of Congress. What stuck with me was his theme that we are all somehow responsible for each other, even in the smallest way. I believe in the approach of St. Therese de Liseaux: little things count. So even if the best you can do in your busy day is to offer someone a “Good Morning!”, then that in itself is an expression of God’s love. Your momentary sharing of grace could be the one thing that makes another person’s day so much better. Don’t be afraid to start small, for like the mustard seed, the small things will grow.

    • Megan

      I love this. I was at the National Guard base today and some inmates were cleaning the building. I was a bit lost and one of the inmates could tell. He helpfully guided me to where he saw everyone else going a bit earlier. I smiled, made eye contact and thanked him, and that small interaction left me wondering how often how even the smallest of courtesies go a long way to making a change in someone’s life. His help certainly lifted my day.

  3. Marie

    I was thinking of the same thing – the news media has already moved on, and we are left to figure out how to put Pope Francis’ words into action. On further reflection, I think we should just respond when an opportunity presents itself, and it will, several times a day, if one is observant. This has already happened to me. So just increase your awareness of what the needs are around you. Pope Francis said, “Holiness is tied to little gestures”. Little gestures, not a complete life change.

  4. Mary

    Enter into your Catholic life more fully – more prayer; a daily rosary; wear your medals or crucifix, don’t hide your faith under a basket. Everyone loved Pope Francis so much, so now is the time for using some of that Francis Fever to plant seeds for many conversions to the faith.

  5. Joan

    To show our Christian Love to everyone we meet, we should try to smile more or do those little acts of kindness as often as we can. At those times when we would rather swear at or about something, we should call upon a member of the Holy Trinity; or upon our Blessed Mother, to help us to show the Love of God to others.

  6. Therese

    I have OODLES of ideas that every parish member can be a part of in some way ..shape or form.
    1. USE SOCIAL MEDIA by SHARING anything catholic. 2. Use LOCAL papers to alert the local communities to or individual…the Coming Home Network, the Journey home…and an ARRAY of conversion stories by googling youtube journeyhomeclassics….or to INDIVIDUALS such as Scott Hahn, Tim Staples, Steve Ray, Peter Kreeft and Mike Cumbie. 3. Use your CHURCH BULLETIN to familiarize your parish members of the same (above), as a part of the way EACH can engage in the New Evangelization.There are MANY sites dedicated to APOLOGETICS that answer the biblical quotes so often used to stump Catholics, as a means of urging them out of the faith. 4. Meet in groups of 3-6 people to discuss a particular aspect of Apologetics…be it, Solo Scriptura, (Bible Alone) Solo Fide (Faith Alone), the APOSTOLIC FATHERS, Martin Luther and the REFORMATION…even if you meet INFORMALLY at the nearest fast food place. AND THE BEST (and most exciting thing) TILL LAST. 5. During the YEAR OF MERCY…proclaimed by Pope Francis…to introduce and/or incorporate the CHAPLET OF DIVINE MERCY into the parish setting (Eg. using the CD, play it softly as background) in the narthex as parishioners enter/leave church building.) Urge members to listen to it on EWTN TV or and get to know it (easy to do because it is VERY CATCHY)….SO THAT, at some point your parish can sponsor a FLASH MOB to take place at a LOCAL MALL…. fyi THIS COULD BE AN OVERWHELMING ENTERPRISE…especially if, as an effort for UNITY, it could be organized with an INVITATION to the surrounding non-catholic community, so many of whom already KNOW and admire Pope Francis (or will come to know him and the YEAR OF MERCY he has called for.) WE MUST BRING THIS TO THE MARKET PLACE…not only as a tool for evangelization but to promote the Year of Mercy and forgiveness of our own sins and the sins of the whole world!!! FYI the person heading up this endeavor should make sure that the local authorities are advised, for potential crowds???…also you might want to check if your community requires a permit?
    By the way, this prayerful FLASH MOB could become a YEARLY event sponsored each year by THE INDIVIDUAL Catholic Churches in the area. My own vision is that any musical accompaniment might be just ONE violin, keeping it simple, serene, and a highly SPIRITUAL encounter, remembered. I love the idea that it is open to EVERYONE (even if they can’t sing a note… 😉 ) It is suitable for those who are uncomfortable in one on one verbal contact, say, one who is a SHY LISTENER… There is a place for EVERYONE to use whatever gift has been given to EVANGELIZE in the way of its use for the Glory of God.

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