7 Simple Ways to Add a Little Prayer to Your Day

Sometimes I get to the end of my day and realize I wish I had prayed more throughout the day. Even in simple ways like putting intention into my work and being conscience of giving my best work to Him. Here are a few ways to put a little more prayer in your life and help develop the habit of daily prayer.

1. Good Morning to God

A little whisper of thanksgiving to God with your waking breath takes the edge off the blare of the alarm clock. Added bonus:  you start your day with gratitude, which lifts your mood automatically.

2. Singing hymns in the shower

Showers are a great place to sing! Belt out praise and glory in God as you lather up. Think about the words of the hymns that pass your lips and offer it up as prayer. Added bonus: You get to pick your favorite hymns that seem to never get sung at church.

3. Bless those you’d rather curse

Like that guy who just cut you off in traffic or the co-worker who NEVER changes the toilet paper… Instead of wasting your energy getting mad, surround them in a prayer, bless them, and move on. Added bonus: Someone else’s inconsiderate-ness doesn’t ruin your perfectly good day.

4. Read the bible

or other reflection. I’m not talking cover-to-cover from Genesis to Revelations. Just a quick 5 minute snippet. The Confraternity books have great reflections and words of wisdom. Added bonus: Experience insights you’ve never had before.


5. Eat the first 3 bites with Intention

I am the worst at this: I feel like I’m so short on time that I wolf down my lunch, hardly tasting it let alone giving thanks to God for the gifts he has given me. Let the first three bites of your food serve as reminders for the blessings you have. Added bonus: You get to taste your food and take a breather.


6. Whenever you catch yourself complaining – Pray

I once challenged myself to a whole month of living without complaint. Every day for 30 days I had to re-commit myself to that goal at least 10 times. But I became aware of it. By placing a habit your trying to break into your awareness, it can also become an opportunity for prayer. Say a quick Hail Mary every time you catch yourself complaining. I bet you can get at least a decade in by the end of the day. Added bonus: Breaking a bad habit.

7. End of Day Review with God

Fr. Robert Sirico shared this idea with us when he spoke at the Catholic Men’s Business Fraternity Conference in Sioux Falls a month ago. And it’s so simple and reaps so many rewards. At the end of your day, reflect on 1) What did you do that you shouldn’t have, and 2) What didn’t you do that you should have? Not only do you grow as a person, but you offer your worries and failures up to God. Added bonus: A better night’s sleep.


Do you have any ideas for us? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Maria

    I really like your ideas! I like to kiss Jesus’ feet on a crucifix that is on my nightstand as soon as I get out of bed. Then at some point during the morning I pray the Come Holy Spirit prayer to allow the Spirit to guide me throughout the day.

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